Monday, August 01, 2005

I Shall Become A Bat

I've been drifting around for quite a few years now but finally my course is clear. I just watched this program on the Discovery Channel and realized I have to become an animal of some sort. But what kind? Cat and lizard are already taken. Perhaps a Siberian hamster?

(What I'm referring to in the headline is this.)


Cindy-Lou said...

How about one of these?

Goo said...
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Uncle Sammy said...

I shall become a monkey.

Goo said...

OMG koala! i can't believe you commented on my blog! i love SUPERBLOG so much. you guys are awesome. i am truly not worthy.

i've been a fan for some time now and as you can see from above, i tried posting a comment before. i like you so much, i bailed out i got so intimidated.

come see me again again at soul shizzle anytime! (even if you did say my "latherlatherlather" clip was creepy. i love you anyway.

Goo (Mariam) xoxox

Koala Mentala said...

Stop it, you're embarrassing us! Next time you check in, promise to tell us how much we SUCK.

Thanks, though.