Thursday, August 18, 2005

You Can't Spell "Success" Without a Nice Rack

Hey kidderinos, I just had a couple of (fiveish?) beers and watched some Stockholmian singers at a place called Flamman (The Flame), to prove I'm still a student at heart. Now I'm just popping in right after midnight to inform you that August 17th was, as far as we can determine, the most highly trafficked day in Superblog!! history. Isn't that something? Granted, we owe a part of our success to the chest of Carla Gugino, which still draws at least a few dozen Googlers every day. You think people come for our wit and wisdom? Think a-fucking-gain! It's the tits!

If I logged off on a downer like that I wouldn't be able to sleep. So instead I'll leave you with this:

Amazing Fucking Coincidence of the Day: Did you realize Ms Gugino was in both Sin City and Spin City? OMG!!! God exists!


Moocko said...

How many unique visitors?

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