Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Today Master - Tomorrow Commander

Finally. The very reason for my absence was of course to get time to play Make-A-Word! Prophecy fulfilled! I am a master! I must be somewhat awesome too! (Never mind that Koala is the Jebus of words or something like that.) My eyes are bleeding now so I guess I better go to bed. Good night everybody. Hopefully I'll see you again.

God Bless Our Superblog!!


zenmonki said...

So how many times did you guys play this game to get these scores?

Uncle Sammy said...

That was my third attempt and I believe that Koala played like six or seven times? Yeah, that's it.

Koala Mentala said...

It's very simple - some of us are awesome, some aren't.

But yeah, I played as many times as there are stars in the sky before I became a Living Dic.

zenmonki said...

I got tired of watching all of you masters and living dics get your titles through impressive intellect and hard work, so I scoured the internet (ok, I stumbled on it in my rss feeds) for something utterly meaningless but easy to refill my self esteem.

Behold! I am Z.E.N.M.O.N.K.I.
[E]ngineered for
[N]ullification and

Bow down before my scary cyborgness now or my zombie nature will force me to nullify you with my kamikaze mathematics.

Ah, that feels much better. Well, it'll do for now anyway.