Thursday, August 11, 2005

Photo #43: The Super Famous Grouse

Like two weeks ago I promised to post more pictures of animals from the animal kingdom (which is situated in Sweden). Not that anybody cares or will be much happier now, but here it finally is. The whisky bird. Happy now? You'll be more happy if you drink whisky. Always works for me, especially if it's single malt, but Famous Grouse ain't that bad if you can't afford the better and more expensive brands. I guess I should admit that after you have drunk half the bottle, any whisky is fun as hell.

Der Black Cat ist ein thailändischer Whisky mit 40Vol.%.Dieser sehr gute blended Whisky überrascht sogar Experten. Ein absoluter spitzen Whsiky der trotz des niedrigen Preises auch mit hochpreisigen Whiskys mithalten kann.

Wow! Spitzen Klasse!! That's what Germans say when they mean awesome! The only bad thing is that they're lying. That "whisky" tastes like your average moonshine mixed with some extracts that hopefully tastes a little bit like whisky. Still.....40 vol% means 80 proof and that is always a good thing.


Koala Mentala said...

I'm disappointed that nobody's commented on this post because it was Spitzen Klasse!

Moocko said...

Es macht spass, das for sure!

Uncle Sammy said...

Pearls before swines is what I make of it.