Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pawn Shop Adventures

Pardon me for not blogging until now but I've been busy taking advantage of other people's misfortunes. In short, I've been to Linkoping's monthly pawn shop auction. I wish that Superblog!! could start to pay off soon so I could buy new stuff, but until then I'm fine with used DVDs. I'm also pleased by the fact that the junkies of Linkoping who stole them in the first place can get their drugs. Marcet economy. Everybody wins!

Some of the DVDs I bought today: The Godfather: part II and III, Donnie Brasco, The Patriot (with Steven Seagal).

Mr. Seagal must be seriously out of touch with his audience. People who go see his movies expect action, violence, stunts and martial-arts combat: what they get here instead are a lot of boring speeches and sequences teaching us that oriental/traditional remedies are better than western medicine, that biological warfare is a bad thing, that militia members are a bunch of overweight or underage weirdos in camouflage outfits, that native americans (especially their elder) are always wise and peaceful and so on.I thought "On Deadly Ground" and "The Glimmer Man" were bad, but compared to "The Patriot" they both look like serious contenders for an Oscar. There's more action in a Meg Ryan picture than in this film.

Well, I can live with that review. I got 18 DVDs for 300 kronor which is like $40 and whoever has the most DVDs when he dies wins.


Goo said...

cool, im first!

i couldn't care less about what you just posted. i'm really here for one reason... to show you a glimpse of your own demise!!!




katiedid said...

I take issue with one statement in that review: "People who go see his movies expect action, violence, stunts and martial-arts combat". That's not entirely true. When I go see his movies I expect to see a badly aging and very bloated Seagal hand off all fight sequences to an obvious stunt double. Unless it's closeups, in which case Mr. Seagal prefers to do his own work, so that we may better count how many chins he's got now. I also expect to hear him deliver his dialogue so slowly and woodenly that I begin to believe Seagal thinks he's portraying an Ent from Lord of the Rings.

My new favorite Steven Seagal link

Koala Mentala said...

When I go home after a Steven Seagal movie I always secretly hope someone will try to mug me so I can put into practice all the kewl martial arts moves I've picked up.

No, wait, I don't go to Steven Seagal movies.

katiedid said...

Oh alright, I don't really go to a theater to see his movies either. But I am always amused by them when they pop up on TV. Who doesn't love unintentional comedies?

Moocko said...

It's not like we have the opportunity to GO to a Steven Seagal-movie in Sweden - direct-to-video, ya kno.

Goo said...

Dear Uncle Sammiester and Koala Bear,

I'm sorry for murdering you in a comic strip on my blog and calling sara and moocko cock smokers. I somehow feel bad for blowing you up for your swedishness and the truth is that I don't really know if sara and moocko actually do smoke cock... so I'm offering you guys a chance to get even. http://www.thirdframestudios.com/adgame/stripgen
is the site i made those from. You'll probably have to take a screen grab to save your strip for posting if you decide to take on the challenge. (or save the url). you guys are the comic guys -- this should be your forte. I would love to see what you come up with. Make sure you share it!

I give you permission to blow me if you so desire. Again, my apologies.

Mariam (Goo)

P.S. Koala, YES! The monkey does represent humanity! Very observant of you.

Uncle Sammy said...

Funny... I always thought Moocko would be the one killing us. When I recover from this I'll try that evil machine.

Koala Mentala said...

In the future, I will write a Superblog!! entry about that machine, and all will rejoice.

Goo said...

Moocko, oops i thought you were a man. Just figured out youre not.

And yes, blog about the machine.

The wonderful Machi... achoo! sniff. snort. cough.