Friday, August 26, 2005

Photo #47: Very Strange Man

This is a somewhat disturbed person we saw on the ship of death. When we feasted upon the smorgasbord he was seated beside me and being the nice person I am I tried to make some conversation. I asked him something like: So, what line of work are you in Sir? (I never actually called him sir..)
What I got in response was: None of your fucking business ! Or was it: Why do you ask about things like that?
Eh.. maybe he wasn't that strange or maybe he was.... We'll never know I guess. Or care. BTW, did I mention that he wore white sneakers?

After this load of bullcrap let's have some more smorgasbord!

The word smörgås means something like "open sandwich", and bord is the Swedish word for "table", but still a smörgåsbord is not a table full of sandwiches. This specialty instead consists of a number of small dishes, from which you can take your pick. An average smörgåsbord may, for instance, contain a number of herring dishes (sweet-pickled herring, pickled herring with onions, mustard, dill, etc.), Swedish meatballs salmon, pies, salads, 'Jansson´s temptation' (sliced herring, potatoes and onions baked in cream), eggs, bread, boiled and fried potatoes and so on. Smörgåsbord was served already in the18th century but at that time it was used as an appetizer before the main course. Gradually, however, it has become a meal in itself. Today few people ask for more after having tried everything on a smörgåsbord.

Fish balls are nice too. Never forget that on the ship of death's smorgasbord you can also have all the wine and beer you can drink for approx. 90 minutes. Makes all the difference in the world between a bad smorgasbord and the excellent one.


Koala Mentala said...

You stupid moron! That photo was supposed to be entitled "Lost Soul" (see the fifth paragraph). Your next blog entry will be Photo 47 Redux: Lost Soul or you will burn forever in the fires or eternity. (Just a helpful suggestion.)

Uncle Sammy said...

I changed my mind! Haha!! Sucker. The lost soul will appear in another form.

Koala Mentala said...

You are Satan, I am God. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

Sara said...

I see Absolut again!

Uncle Sammy said...

Koala, You are a lovely person.

Sara, I drank Absolut again!!

Afe said...

If we analyse the symbolism in this photograph carefully, we will see that the Very Strange Man is trapped between gambling (refer poker machine on left) and alcoholism (absolut vodka on right).

There is also a strange indistinct person / shadow behind him which represents the demon which torments him daily.

We should feel sorry for him.

Moocko said...

Haha, Afe, man! That was great.

Uncle Sammy said...

Yep, that was great. And now I'm even more amazed over my photographing skills!