Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Join Our Strip Club

Since a lot of people never check the comments section, you've probably missed this comic strip by Goo, starring Koala and Sammy (though it doesn't look much like us. IRL, I'm more like Sammy in the strip. And vice versa)... and guest starring our fans and lovers Sara and Moocko.

I was deeply impressed at first, because I thought she had made in with clipart or something. But then It turned out she'd actually used some kind of Uzbekistanian comic strip generating machine. Evil!

Anyway, I tried to use it too and it was a smashing success! Here's my first attempt, Sans Titolo (sic!). When reading it, please keep in mind that the guy with the magic guitar is the hero. (The guitar is invisible at first, but just keep reading and it will pop up eventually.)

My second strip, The Little House on the Prairie, is about the senseless violence that surrounds us. I hope it makes you laugh LONG and HARD.

Haha! Did you notice I had an opportunity to make a penis reference, and I didn't take it?! Truly, I have matured.


Goo said...

I'm first again!! Yay!! And my comic is o your blog. I feel lie I have won an award!

I want to begin by thanking Jebus Christ, Lamar Owens, and my monkey. And I cannot forget Koala and Uncle Sammy for making it so easy to chastise them, again in this comic. You guys are great sports. Thank you all so much!

Matthew said...

This is funnier than Family Circus. But not as profane.

moocko said...

The first one with the guitar hero, reminds me of

moocko said...

And by the way: this just makes us miss the EVIL COMICS even more!! Koala! The WORLD won't FUCK ITSELF, you know!!!

Koala Mentala said...

Jerkcity is for people who've never heard of Jim Woodring, i.e. nerds!

Family City would be better if it was written by H.P. Lovecraft.

Moocko said...

Jim Woodring sucks Frank's penis in HELL! Nah, but it's nice to see those backgrounds in good use @ Jerkcity.

And I never thought I'd see some of the same kind of shit on SB!! Hilarious! SB LOVES JERKCITY! Hand in hand like Christian perverts!!

Koala Mentala said...

"Backgrounds"?! Clearly, Sir, you know less than shit about shit.

Moocko said...

Don't tell me, dear matron, that the JC-characters also are made by Mr. Woodring?

Koala Mentala said...

Everything on this Earth is by Woodring, you stupid piece of stupid.

Moocko said...

That wasn't very nice, you big old doo-doo bird!

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