Monday, July 25, 2005

This is a Blog Entry about Sin City

Hello my friend. How are you feeling today? Good. We've written about Sin City several times before here on Superblog!!. The first time was when I alerted visitors to the teaser trailer back in December (Warning: Swedish link! Explicit content!). Then I mentioned another trailer in March, and Sammy tried to get people to break the law. I also unwittingly created one of the most popular Superblog!! entries of all time, when I wrote about Carla Gugino's tits.

For some reason I never got around to blogging about the time Christian fundamentalists awarded Sin City a "Perfect Score" ("ZERO out of 100"), as noted by Tom Peyer. Sorry.

That's because I often save interesting links and articles for so long that eventually I don't feel they're worth blogging about anymore. Superblog!! is rarely timely. (Though one exception was when we broke the news of Pope John Paul II's death internationally.)

Anyway. I was leading up to something but all this fucking linking has tired me out. I wish the Internet didn't have any links. Check back within an hour, or next week or something, and I promise I'll wrap this up, maybe.

I blame myself for this failure, but really it's your fault.


Afe said...

Why so many links anyway? They are just a thinly veiled attempt to cover up your insecurities about Superblog!!

Koala Mentala said...

They're a bonus. For some stupid reason I feel I owe it to the readers. Of course, it's pretty wasted if it I don't bother with the main subject.