Thursday, July 28, 2005

Super Best Friends!!!

Gar! Bono loves Dubya and Dubya loves everybody and all will be happy and later we will die and be sent to hell where the dead horses already are. But before later comes, I will go to Gothenburg for the concert with high priest Bono with friends. I have been to many many U2 concerts but that's in the past and this one is tomorrow! How time flies indeed.... A lot of folks will be there and many of them will be waving something white in support for the stop hunger thingie. I don't support shit like that very much because I'm a neocon. Oh, well, I support food for hungry people but I don't believe that more aid is the best solution. Nike and Coca Cola and their buddies = the universal solution for all problems. (and Superblog!!) OK. So fucking sorry for going political but it is SO FUNNY with politics!!! I laugh every time somebody says something vaguely associated with politics.


Afe said...

Let's analyse this photo. I don't believe this is a handshake at all - I think Bush is tickling Bono's palm.

This is secret code for "Let's take over the world, but first I want to hold you."

Uncle Sammy said...

Hmm, Koala said something like that the first time he mentioned Superblog!!

Koala Mentala said...

In fact, that pic is a great illustration of Superblog!! - Sammy's the warmongering madman who looks out for Big Oil, I'm the washed-up rock star with too much time on my hands. Together, we'll either save the world... or destroy it!