Friday, July 15, 2005

Evil Comics #8: Marco Polo's Journey of Fucking, Part Two

Who was it that said Internet campaigns never pay off? Because I'd like to hunt him down and rape him with a fire extinguisher. If there's one group of people I can't stand, other than Malaysians, it's pessimists. Where would we be if George W Bush had listened to the naysayers and abstained from invading Iraq? Well, Saddam would still be in power and Iraq wouldn't be the model democracy and tropical paradise it is today, that's for sure. Also there would be a lot of terrorists running around Europe, bombing civilians.

That's why I've finally decided to give in to fan demands and grace Superblog!! with the second chapter in the sordid yet childish ongoing story of Marco Polo. I think it sucks, what do you think?

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Andy said...

I'm a Malaysian and my blog title has the word "squirrel" in it, you must hate me a lot.

But then, I'm teh ultimate optimist, so you love me!!!

Uncle Sammy said...

Malaysia rules! But I still hate squirrels! But not your blog. You, I tolerate very much!

Moocko said...

Unfortunately, I'm not in the right mood for writing an extensive review - today was "my brain melts"-day, thanks to the dreadful weather - but let me say this: if I had sucked cock the same time I read MP part 2, I would've spurted sperm through my nostrils, that's for fucking sure! Two thumbs up! This is the kind of shit that's going to save the world!

Koala Mentala said...

I was just kidding about hating Malaysians. It's the Portuguese I can't stand.

Moocko said...

I wonder what will happen... It's so exciting!

Koala Mentala said...

You'll never get to read the ending.