Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This is the Conclusion to Yesterday's Interrupted Blog Entry about Sin City

Ha! Bet you thought I'd go back on my promise. Shows what you know, idiot. I would never do something like that, because it wouldn't be polite.

Here's the scope: Movie Fan Has Nose Bitten Off in Argument (it's on Salon so a free day pass is required):

July 18,2005 SYDNEY, Australia -- A movie fan had his nose bitten off outside an Australian cinema in an argument over the quality of the violent new Bruce Willis movie "Sin City," police said.

The 19-year-old victim underwent surgery to reattach the tip of his nose following the brawl Sunday night outside a movie theater in Bathurst, 125 miles west of Sydney.
All movies should be banned.


Matthew said...

That's a funny picture. I bit a snowman's nose off once. Crazy arsehole came at me with a shiv shaped like a twig.

Moocko said...

IS that C. Rice? It looks like a transsexual black boxer.