Friday, July 29, 2005

Rotting Away

It should be obvious to any Superblog!! reader who's been paying attention that I have no life to speak of. So if you think that Superblog!! has been slacking off a bit during the summer, don't think it's because I'm away on vacation or something stupid like that. I'm mostly sitting around watching DVDs all day long, and worrying about DVD rot:

[...] a small percentage of DVDs are suffering deteriorating effects, such as cloudy areas (that look like coffee stains), holes, and specs that show up after repeated playings. In addition, some multi-layered DVDs [...] seem to be experiencing layer separation or other defects that show up as skips or pixelization when the laser in the DVD player has to switch between the layers. Sometimes the DVD player will actually freeze at this point, preventing the playing of the next DVD layer. Much of this may be atttributed to lack of quality control at the factory where the DVDs are made.
Myself, I only buy DVDs that were manufactured in Southeast Asia. I figure, the workers' salaries are so low that the companies have got to be spending a lot of money on quality control instead. Right?

Pic stolen from here because of the filename. It's Johnny Rotten, Jordan, and an animal of some sort.


katiedid said...

This is why you shouldn't blow your money on a vast collection of DVDs. It's far wiser to buy vast quantities of whiskey. I find if taken in sufficient quantity, everything becomes more entertaining.

Sara said...

Is Johnny Rotten making that face that the animal or at Jordan's large fake boobies?

Koala Mentala said...

I know, it's stupid buying stuff that you can download illegally for free when you could invest in alcoholism instead. But Superblog!! is nothing if not stupid!

Mr Rotten is trying to fool the camera into thinking he wants to eat the animal rather than Ms Jordan's large fake pussy. But you can't fool cameras because they're not made of brains!!