Monday, July 04, 2005

A Time for Bombs Bursting in the Air

Happy Fourth of July, American Superblog!! fans! Googling for information on this proud date yielded the following:

Independence Day celebrates the birthday of the United States of America. Founded July 4th 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, America is celebrating it's 226th birthday this year (2002)
The 4th of July is a time for the Red White and Blue. A time for Picnics, Parades and Marching Bands. A time for Beaches, BBQs and "Bombs Bursting in Air."
How nice. Whenever I think about this day, I think about the movie Independence Day, starring Will Smith as The Human. In many ways, ID4 is the worst movie ever made. If you're seriously wondering why, you should read "40 Things I Learned from ID4". There's just TOO much utter stupidity in this movie. It's intensely annoying to watch. Some of my favorites:

17. People too drunk to walk can still fly crop dusters and F-18s.

30. The President's Press secretary keeps her cell phone listed in the phone book "in case of emergencies."

37. Even though the Mac isn't compatible with most other Earthly operating systems, it can interface with an alien computer.

39. Rather than attacking a planet when they first encounter it (i.e., 1940s), aliens wait until the planet has developed just enough technology to possibly defend itself.


President Preston said...

okay, so its the next day and I've not got a response. I hate to do this, but for every hour you waste, I'm going to kill a cute cuddly wittle kitten.

im here somewhere said...

lol, i almost just pee'd my pants that was so funny

Koala Mentala said...

Blackmail! I love it! How many have died so far?

Lilreddramaqueen, please change your pants.

Sara said...

Thanks, baby! To celebrate, I will clean my house and get ready for my 11 day blogging absence. And make some fried chicken.
What can be more American then that?

On second thought, don't answer.

Moocko said...

Where's Marco Polo?

Sara said...

If he was up your ass kicking field goals you would know where he is.

Moocko said...

God, I wish he was!