Friday, July 08, 2005

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Flesh Eating Monsters

Tomorrow I'm going to Åre. That'll be fun and it also means that I don't have to blog every other day. Thank you sweet Jebus... Also, hooray!! By posting that fine picture, new visitors are spared the ugly face of Al Gore. To be sure I will now cut and paste some bullshit from some page. Hold on a sec. Ahh.. here!

I left college after a semester and a half, tried my hand at construction, waiting tables, pizza delivery, and security work, during which time I applied for several law enforcement positions, hoping to become a California Highway patrol officer, like my uncle. I soon enough reached the point of dissatisfaction with waiting to start my life, when my father submitted an off the cuff suggestion: "You could always join the Marines." The idea was that I could do that for four years and maybe gain the necessary credentials to become a police officer and to gain a foothold for myself that I had not attained up to that point. Without giving it second thought, I called the recruiting station and made an appointment to see about my options. They were very nice, but more than that, they were confident, young men, and not much older than myself (I was 20). The recruiter counseled me on the process of becoming a Marine. The purpose of this twelve-week indoctrination is to produce the most efficient, disciplined, and gallant, killing machine.

I'll save you the time and misery and reveal what happens to the kid. He becomes a marine and now he's some kind of marxist writing for a couple of left blogs and that's it.
For me it's time to pack my bags and head for the more hillbilly parts of Sweden. See ya.


Alfredo Mora said...

hello. i cant remember you.

Koala Mentala said...

Who are you talking to?