Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Site of the Day

Via Rich Johnston's blog, here's You Blew Me Up You Bastard.Com.

If you're killed by an act of terrorism, the newspapers and television stations will use whatever photo they can.
None of these express the anger, the rage, even the disappointment your disembodied spirit will feel at having your life untimely snuffed out.

That's where YouBlewMeUpYouBastard.com comes in. We'll store a photo of you, giving it large at the terrorists what done you in, and in the event of your body being blown to bits by a suicide bomber, we'll supply your disgusted image to all news services.
If I'm killed by terrorists, I bet the media will use this pic. Even though I keep telling people it's not really me. If that happens, I want loyal Superblog!! readers to respond with a bombing campaign against all newspapers and television stations in the world. Promise me that.


Sara said...

I promise. But if I fail to keep my promise you have to promise to haunt me until I follow thru with the bombing campaign promise.

Now let's make with the hot Internet sex.

Matthew said...

Man, Sara knows how to push all the right buttons.

Anyway, that site is a great idea. But how will people differentiate my naked ass from everyone elses? Maybe I can get that "Heartbreaker" tattoo like Jenna Jameson. Only with balls. "Ballbreaker!" Hell's yeah.

Koala Mentala said...

Sadly, I don't believe I'll be in a position to contact anyone when I'm dead. But I'll try.