Saturday, May 21, 2005

Today's Photo: Supercomputer

Today I present to you: World's largest processor fan! Yep, I had what some might call a little cooling problem but everything is fixed now (I'm on drugs) except that I really would like someone to give me a new PC. Anyone? No?!? Screw you guys, I can live with this one for a little longer (after all, we're speaking gigahertz and shit in my case). What annoys me the most, is that Koala (who is very very rich by the way) refuses to throw his old p133 out the window. Please, send at least $250 to:

Koala Mentala
Poste Restante
Big ass Post Office

I'll try to make him use the money wisely.


The Greek Princess said...

hahaha hilarious and brillant!

i had to do this with my last computer! the thing was the size of a toaster oven and was built like shit! the layout of the thing was all wrong. it would over heat so bad that it turned itself off! the fan was on like turbo blast and it still woudnt help! so i eventually put a huge fan on it to get me by. then i ended up buying a new computer. a dell...good luck with it so far! yay!!

Uncle Sammy said...

Actually it works a little better now because Rudolph, my trusted PC repair man worked his voodo on it. But it still sucks from time to time since Rudolph also sucks from time to time.