Thursday, May 12, 2005

Today's Photo

What a doozy!! Looks American to me..? By the looks of it I assume it's still parked down in the harbor of Stockholm. Me and Koala took a walk there before the ship of death was ready for departure. Koala was looking for the infamous Stockholm prostitutes while I took nice pictures. In the background: Swedish Diving Support Vessel Belos

HMS Belos basic data:
Lenght: 105 m
Beam: 18 m
Max draught: 5,1 m
Speed: 12,5 knots
Fire-fighting: 4 water-cannon, 7200 m3 / h

Are we impressed yet? Water-cannons!!!


Matthew said...

That car could be the most phallic thing I've ever seen. Y'know, besides a phallus.

Uncle Sammy said...

That's good because at Superblog!! every day is phallus day even if Thursday remains vagina day.

Koala Mentala said...

Hey Matthew! Is that a lightsaber in your hands or are you just pleased to... oh, fuck it.