Friday, May 27, 2005

Three Cheers for Chapman!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Superblog!! fan Moocko Chapman. I forgot to send him a birthday card, so instead he gets some digital pie!

Moocko is a decent fellow who just wants to be liked, but for some reason bad things seem to happen to him all the time. For instance, there is something about the little creep that inspires, nay, demands verbal abuse. He manages to enrage me on an almost daily basis, and you know me - I'm not the kind of guy who loses his temper easily.

The Moockster's hobbies include stalking, treason, and stupidity. He has few, if any, friends. My guess is he'll spend this day alone and in tears. But surely he'll get some comfort from the vast honor of being mentioned on Superblog!!

Superblog!! - Making People Happy


Moocko said...

Just when I thought that this day was going to be the worst ever, I realized something - "it's a matter of fact that I HAVE a few online friends!". I'm forever grateful, Superblog!

Though I wish you'd never posted that picture of me.

Matthew said...

He looks like 70's Elvis. Erm. Yeah. So are there any hot viking sluts up there? I have a bet with some friends. Plus, I'm planning my next vacation.

Koala Mentala said...

What, up in Sweden? Probably.