Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Superblog!! Mystery Scan Contest Results

A couple of weeks ago Superblog!! announced its first ever Mystery Scan Contest, and it was an enormous success. Hundreds of thousands of people tried to guess what the scan depicted.

It was my face, of course. I simply leant down over the scanner and pressed the button. I guess that dark stuff is hair hanging down (I got it cut a couple of days later).

Among those who posted in the comments, the pre-pubescent Captain and Matthew both guessed correctly. However, they failed to answer the second question ("Why did I scan it?"), so they don't win. Mr Patrick Vance scores a moral victory for being one of the few who actually got the rules. But as far as material awards go, he's just another loser.

And so is everyone else. Since nobody got it right, there are no winners! (Just like in life!) This means that the Super Special Mega Cool Mystery Prize remains in storage for now.

So what was the point? Well, my thinking was that this was a stupid "trial" contest, and if it triggered enough of a response, we would continue with more interesting contests (with prizes revealed in advance!). But I'm not sure we'll actually to that, since I'm disappointed by the turn-out. Does anyone actually care?


Koala Mentala said...

As answer to question no. 2, we would also have accepted "To have something to blog about" and "Because I rock".

Sara said...

I cared enough to give you the idea in the first place. Then to remind you that you didn't tell me what the photo was.
I need more rum.

Because you rock.

Koala Mentala said...

That's true. I should have namechecked you as well. Sorry.

Moocko said...

More contests! More contests!

Sara said...

No worries. I felt like bitching about something and yours was the first blog I found.

President Preston said...

Holy amazing batman! I am so blown away. I literally did my happy dance for like 5 minutes before settling down. Thanks again for the link man, you guys continue to be awesome.

President Preston said...

Also, yes, I care. It was awesome and fun. do another one!!