Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Today's Photo: Happiness in a Bottle

Cachaca!!! I'm speaking about the bottle to the left of the little wine bottles. Bought it in Sao Paulo. Cheap stuff, and strong. Would make an excellent grand prize for our next contest but more likely it will be consumed by me. Any day now...

The most typical spirit drink in Brazil is cachaca, made from distiled sugar cane; alcohoolic grade may reach 50 GL (as much as whisky or tequila). There are cheap cachaca from R$2 a liter (much used by the poor people to booze their problems away) and luxury cachacas of R$100 a liter; cheap cachaca is certain to cause hangover.
Cachaca goes down much smootherly when mixed with lime and sugar; this drink is called caipirinha, much appreciated among Brazilians of all social levels. Replace cachaca with sugar, and the caipirinha becomes caipiroska. Replace the lime with other fruits, and you have caipifrutas, also commonly found in restaurants and clubs.


Sara said...

That's your liquor?
Like, you own all of it?

I'm so there.

Uncle Sammy said...

I'll save the tequila for you. Maybe.

Sara said...

As long as you save some rum, it's all good, baby.
It's all good.