Tuesday, May 03, 2005

If I Had a Knife Long Enough I Could Cut the World

Okay friends, let's get this stupid blog back on track. We survived Åland, even though I confess we got slightly tipsy at some point ("Ålandsfärja" means "Åland Ferry"). What else do you need to know? Nothing very interesting happened on the trip, except we met a guy dressed as Superman (though with the hairdo of Lex Luthor). Other than the "wasted" part, none of the Captain's predictions came to pass.

Now it's time to get you updated on the important news you missed while we were away! In the wonderful world of comics, Donald Rumsfeld is cavorting with superheroes!

The Watchmen film may be dead in the water, but here's the trailer for The Mindscape of Alan Moore (7MB). And the one for Gilbert Hernandez' The Naked Cosmos. And here's my favorite superhero: the Gay Ghost!

And this is what's going on in the wonderful world of Pamela Anderson (the other half of Superblog!!'s research area):

You won't find Pamela Anderson's new release at your local multiplex--the former Baywatch star and longtime animal advocate's latest project is "Kentucky Fried Cruelty," an undercover exposé blowing the whistle on the cruel treatment of animals at KFC's factory farm and slaughterhouse suppliers.

So stop eating chickens! (If you must eat meat, try cows and horses and dogs instead.)

Also: What the Fuck.


President Preston said...

HAHAHA! an excellent post, made better by the fact that i was part of it :D although i have to admit, it would've been better if i were right. well, not for whichever one of you died.
or the other really. I don't think either of you would survive having it with each other.
what i'm trying to say here is thanks so much for giving me a mention.

Sara said...

Hurray for drinking on boats.

Uncomfortable moments after "shouldn't have happened" sex are never cool.

Unless it's with an insanely good looking person.

Uncle Sammy said...

Not one single insanely good looking person on the boat. It didn't help at all to drink gallons of beer and whisky, they all just looked old and dead to me.
But it still was fun.

Koala Mentala said...

Well, there was one insanely good looking person on the boat - but you can't have sex with yourself!

Oh, wait, you can.