Monday, May 16, 2005

On Popular Demand!! Today's Photo: Ouzo!!

Yippie!! The wasted shall inherit the Earth and they will puke all over it. Ouzo!!!

If you don't like black licorice, you will never like Ouzo. End of story.

Like it??? Bull crap!!! Everybody loves Ouzo. End of story.


Koala Mentala said...

I agree it's bull crap. I fucking LOATHE licorice, but I'm fine with Ouzo. Whoever wrote that bull crap should have his intestines stapled to a wall. FOR SPREADING LIES.

aughra said...

I love licorice, but I can't drink. I would be in the middle of the kitchen floor with a gallon of vodka within a week, while my five year old watched marathon tv, his eyes hooded and his face dirty.

Sara said...

They wouldn't let me drink the Ouzo after I had 6 shots of Tequila.
They said that I wouldn't like the way it tastes, but after 6 shots of Jose I couldn't taste anything.

Uncle Sammy said...

Once upon a time I drank a lot of Ouzo when I was on a train from Athens to Zagreb(?). Me and some guy from Ireland demolished a lot of the compartment and threw it away all over Greece. That was fun! Thank you Ouzo.

Being on the kitchen floor with a gallon of Vodka also seems like fun! Especially if you don't have a five year old in the house.

Koala Mentala said...

Here's my best Ouzo story:

Once I drank a lot of Ouzo and got drunk. Then I went out and drank a lot of beer and got drunker still. I don't remember what happened after that.

Thank you Ouzo.

The Greek Princess said...

i love ouzo!!

i kinda have too cuz i am greek! haha

but ya...the shit will put hair on ur chest! hehe