Monday, October 10, 2005

The Superblog!! FAQ

Why is Sammy apparently hellbent on destroying Superblog!! with lazy and sporadic blogging?

Has Koala really moved to a place called "Falun", thereby possibly damaging Superblog!! irreparably... or is it just an elaborate SHAM?

Is it true that both Sammy and Koala are famous and respected in their respective communities, and thereby required to hide their faces and blog under pathetic aliases?

How many University degrees do they hold between them, and just how fucking old are they, anyway?

Why was only one Superblog!! Enemy ever given the spotlight, when everybody knows the world is full of enemies of Superblog!!?

What percentage of Superblog!! entries are written and/or posted in a drunken stupor? (Examples are too plentiful to list.)

Who is John Galt?

Is Carla Gugino responsible for upwards of 25 percent of all Superblog!! hits?

How did Michael Keaton become the Patron Saint of Superblog!!?

Please supply your own answers, as well as additional questions. I promise to personally ignore them completely.


Goo said...

Are Koala and Sammy really gay lovers?

When are they going to quit sucking so bad and start sucking so good again?

Who is Goo really? And why does this and this still make her laugh so very hard?

You tell me.

Btw, I recently visited the blogs of some fellow SB fans who I will not name but I will say this, apply where applicable to thyself:

*cough* attention whore *cough* *cough* pervert *cough*

Heh. That should instigate some nice blog conversation.


The Stalker said...

superblog does suck more now then ever before, goo now rules.

katiedid said...

I prefer to think of the sixth question as more of a zen koan than an FAQ.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I don't know how Keaton got the patron saint, but I think it's great. I now give all my movie reviews on the Keaton scale.

It's just right.

Matthew said...

Damn, I clicked on Carla Cugino's link and lost 2 hours of my work day.

Uncle Sammy said...

Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, my little Superblog!! fans
(especially you Goo) and I'm on a mission to destroy Superblog!! because I am who I am (not a gay lover btw).

Goo said...

Fewl! All of you! Except scott cuz he said i rule! It is I who will destroy Superblaaaah!

zenmonki said...

1. It would seem so...

2. Only the Mentala can say...

3. I certainly hope so. Then all my stalking and attention whoring (or am I the pervert? so many possibilities...) wouldn't be going to waste.

4. Sammy: 825,000. Koala: none (despite studying every subject known to man for a billion years).

5. Because you have microscopic attention spans and are extremely lazy. Well, according to Goo and Moocko anyway.

6. Is an answer really necessary?

7. Who cares?

8. It's highly probable, give the lazy and sporadic posting. Post some pics of Jessica and see what happens!

9. I don't know, maybe because he was Batman! Johnny Depp is the patron saint of Outpost-1* because he rocks!

Well, that was a complete waste of my time... but still fun somehow, so I can't complain.


* Yes, this was just another shameless excuse to cross-post a link to my own blog. But I really do like Depp.

zenmonki said...

Here is another very important question that I think needs to be added to the FAQ:

Why in the hell would anybody need boar semen? Haha, I mean other than as a practical joke, of course.