Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today's Math Problem in Swedish

Yeah, I went to university for about a billion years*. I studied every subject known to man, and some I invented myself. But I didn't learn much, because I spent my days scribbling. I'm the master scribbler. Here, presented for your edification, is a math problem I scribbled on a piece of paper. Paper is good for scribbling. The math problem is in Swedish, the language of champions. If you're a fan of Superblog!!, I'm sure you'll find out what it says somehow.

*I'm still young, though. Honestly.


Ryan said...

uh 42

zenmonki said...

It says "Koala need not waste his genius powers on silly busy-work mathematical equations left by the gods to occupy the time of mere mortals."

That or something like "what angle of a building at these dimensions would hold the most sand?"

Koala Mentala said...

Nah, 's wrong. 'm much cleverer than that.

I'm Patrick!! said...

So 'sand' in English is 'sand' in Swedish too. Therefore, the problem reads thus
"This problem is probably easy even for someone as dumb as you are. Count to one after reading this problem and that's how long, in seconds, until your ass gets blown to smithereens because you went into that building to surf te net and check this blog when the sign on the way in clearly read "closed for bombing". SUPERBLOG terrorists are known for using sand trucks to hide warheads.


Koala Mentala said...