Monday, October 17, 2005

Superblog!! Enemies #2: The Morally Bankrupt Sammy Sneeze

Goddamn that lousy Randian nutjob! Going to Whatstony and doing stupid stuff instead of offering me CAKE!! That got me so mad, I had to go out drinking. (You know it's bad when I resort to alcohol.)

Also, he has stolen my precious copy of the only computer game I ever played! Plus, he smells. Also, he doesn't keep enough money on his stupid credit cards, resulting in DISASTER for everybody.

See that picture above? That's me shovelling and Sammy trying to molest me. But it's not gonna work, because I have the shovel and I'm not afraid to use it!

Yes! Uncle Sammy needs an extra shovelful up his ass! Yes! Superblog!! has spoken.


President Preston said...

hey, guess what?


I believe you. I've always favoured you over uncle sammy.

Also, check out my site man! I haven't seen you around there for a while. I changed the name and layout and whatnot.

Afe said...

Nah, your layout looks like shit. You need to change it again.

President Preston said...

Bite me.

katiedid said...

Sheesh, PONG? C'mon, it's 2005, get with the times - at least upgrade to Congo Bongo or Q-bert or some other obsolete Atari game.

Goo said...

yep layout sux.

hey afe... what's that you're smoking in that pipe-o-yours hmmm?

Uncle Sammy said...

No cake for you Koala. Ever.

Afe said...

I'm smoking crushed moose antlers mixed in with a little green tea. Keeps me relaxed and horny.

zenmonki said...

As usual, excellent display of linking-prowess... nice to see you haven't lost your edge, despite the fact that you wrote this post in a drunken rage (not a risky assumption).

I love the Rumsfeld pic. Hilarious.

Glad to see that captain wesson is finally posting coherent comments (unlike this and this). I was beginning to think he was some university computer experiment to trick us all into thinking he was actually human. There's a name for that kind of thing, but it escapes me at the moment...

Koala Mentala said...

You're all wrong and the Captain is correct! His layout doesn't quite look like shit so you will all do as he says and bite him.

Katie, you fail to understand that the birth date of Christ is arbitrarily chosen, so it's not really 2005.

Zenmonki, I appreciate the kind words but I'm afraid I must disappoint you - I was not drunk when I posted. What I was referring to took place during the weekend. MY ENGLISH SUXX.

There's a name for that kind of thing, but it escapes me at the moment

You're thinking of the Turing test, perhaps?


Goo said...

y'know the first time i read this post, i didn't have much of a reaction. i just reread it and actually chuckled to myself.

i believe this is because SB has been sucking so bad lately i have become desensatized (sp?)to funniness.

it will take some time for us to recover fully.

Uben said...

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President Preston said...

God, when will these ad bloggers stop attacking our blogs!?

zenmonki said...

Hey Cap'n. Chomp!!!

Damn! I was sure Koala was drunk that time. (Mental note to self: never buy psychic powers from telemarketers again).

You're absolutely right about the Turing test. I was too lazy to look it up. You are still my favorite Dic.

zenmonki said...

What the hell? Wait a sec, you guys are zombies!

Where'd I put my damn shovel?

Oh, here it is...(Clang... clang!)

Koala Mentala said...

My latest post is dedicated to all the zombie-lovers who read Superblog!!, and also to Zenmonki, because his name starts with the same letter as the word zombie. I am of course talking about the letter Z.

zenmonki said...

Damn, I've never had anything dedicated to me before. That feels kinda cool.

Wait, that makes me really lame, doesn't it?


Koala Mentala said...

It makes you cooler than a sack of cool!

Anonymous said...

nah, nothing's better than a sack of cool.

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