Sunday, October 23, 2005

Photo #61: I've Got Wood

Today's magical experiences include the sawing of wood. I used my wood cutting chainsaw!! Too bad it's an electrical one. Electrical machines aren't as macho as petrol machines so I will use a real one or dynamite the next time a tree bothers me. Here's a nice link to a giant wood penis and here are some other wood related links.

Elijah Wood Natalie Wood Woody Allen

I also recommend most of you (most of you are very stupid) to read about the invention of the chainsaw. It's Osteotome time!!!

The osteotome made it easy to cut through hard bone without the impact of hammer and chisel or the jolts of a reciprocating saw. The surgeon skilled in its use could now resect bone without splintering it, perform craniotomies with smooth-edged holes, and cut in topographies that did not permit access to a circular saw — without damage to surrounding tissue, all by himself, and with a minimum of force and time. Heine became an instant celebrity and was invited to demonstrate his invention at clinics all over Europe and even at the Court of the Czar.

Without heroes like Heine - No Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thank you Heine for making my life better.


President Preston said...

I not am ifiot, my good sir. I am offend.

Sara said...

I love wood!

zenmonki said...

Sammy, are you trying to be sly and reveal what you look like in an actual photo of yourself while pretending it's someone else?

Dude! You've got some serious wood there friend! Don't get too close to the fire! Is that why Koala is so jealous of you?

Uncle Sammy said...

Yes, Koala hates me because of my super sized penis and I hate Koala because of his awesome blogging skills.

Koala Mentala said...

Yeah, I look at it this way: if my dick weren't so incredibly small, would I still be able to blog with such bitterness and fury?

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