Monday, October 17, 2005

They're Here....

Fuck! The birds have come! With a vengeance.

A deadly bird flu virus may have struck Greece, entering the European Union for the first time after killing at least 60 people in Asia.

I have done my math and ETBA, Estimated Time of Bird Arrival is only a few days from now. I will do my best to keep you updated about this new and lethal Superblog!! enemy. In case we die....I demand a memorial to the glory of Superblog!! Something like this would be appropriate.


zenmonki said...

We've started collecting the funds to erect a proper memorial in the event of your untimely death by feather-wearing-squirrels in disguise.

Um, we've got $3.14 so far.

Cindy-Lou said...

You'll be fine as long as a group of school children don't start singing that very annoying song.

I married my wife
In the month of June,
Risseldy, rosseldy,
Mow, mow, mow,
I carried her off
In a silver spoon,
Risseldy, Rosseldy,
Hey bambassity,
Nickety, nackety,
Retrical quality,
Willowby, wallowby,
Mow, mow, mow.