Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hot Monkey-on-Starfish Action

IS THIS TOMORROW? The video clip will envelope you with AWESOMENESS.

Superblog!!'s good friend Moo Cow sent us this music video featuring ADOLF HITLER. Mr Hitler was a very bad man who lived a long time ago.

I've recently become obsessed with HUMPTY DUMPTY. Mr Dumpty is also very bad, but, being fictional, he can't hurt anyone. Except PSYCHOLOGICALLY.

I am now going to eat some SANDWICHES.


katiedid said...

But what sort of sandwich?

You can't just leave us hanging like that, you know.

President Preston said...

A sandwich that god forgot in the sun? yum...

zenmonki said...

Damn starfish-raping monkey communists! They should read more comic books. Then they'd lighten up and stop being so hell bent on burning America!

Oh wait. That was in the 60's. Sorry for involving you all in my psuedo flash-back.

Mr. John Steed said...

Excellent cover.