Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oink Oink Oink

Wow! It's the most equal pig of them all! Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson himself! Last blogged about here and speaking about the trolls. Koala was here 45 minutes ago and he refused to blog. Kill him when you see him!! No, don't do that. He's a nice guy. He will probably entertain us again any day now.


Koala Mentala said...

Yeah, I'm a nice guy, you pieces of fucking fuck. I will remain nice until the world turns evil.

Jennypenny said...

You sholud choose better company. Hanging around with Jenny implies having to socialize with snort silent men without hair.

Anonymous said...

Batgirl and Catwoman have hot sex all night. How cool is that?

WARNING: This story contains unsafe sex. In this day and age it is just plain stupid to perform unsafe sexual acts. This story is for entertainment, not to be imitated. Be smart and take care of your body. You only get one per lifetime!

This story also contains graphic situations, including bondage, that should not be imitated. Batgirl and Catwoman are fictional cartoon characters. In real life, restraining someone against their will is highly illegal. So please, be safe, sane and consensual.

The Erotic Adventures of Batgirl
by Anonymous

Barbara Gordon walked into her apartment and locked the door behind her. She'd just come from her father's house. It was a ritual they had. She had dinner with him every Friday night since she left home to go to college. Often, it was the only time they had to see each other. Although she had a job with regular hours, he was Gotham City's police commissioner and therefore worked long and often irregular hours.

And then, she spent a lot of time with her "second job." In fact, she was going to go out again tonight. During dinner, her father had asked about her plans for the evening. She told him that she was going to get some exercise. He dismissed it as only a visit to her aerobics class. If only he knew.

Barbara went to her bedroom and undressed. She stepped into the shower and washed the day off herself. She wanted to make sure that the perfume she normally wore was completely removed. It would not be good for her second job to have any smell that might give her away.

She rubbed the washcloth over her breasts and for a brief moment wished that her vocation didn't make it so hard to meet men. Nice men, not the sort of guys she normally ran into at night. It had been so long since she'd had a nice man in her life.

Thoughts of her plans for the evening soon quieted the sexual fires that threatened to engulf her. She finished her shower mechanically, her mind occupied with other details.

After the shower, she dried off and again went to her bedroom. Opened her closet and pulled out the locked trunk. She then took her keys from the dresser and opened the trunk. Still naked, she picked up the black lycra bodysuit and inspected it. It was brand new. She'd had to replace it after her last outing. The insignia she had sewn on it looked perfect.

She took a pair of underpants and a jogging bra from her dresser and quickly put them on. She then slid into the tight bodysuit. She pulled a belt and cape from the trunk and put them on. Barbara Gordon turned to look at herself in the full length mirror on the closet door. It was not Barbara's image that looked back at her, it was Batgirl's.

The night was hot and steamy. Gotham was in a typical summer heat wave. Batgirl climbed the fire escape to the top floor of the building. Most of the buildings in this neighborhood were older and had external fire escapes. She found that came in handy.

From this vantage point, five floors up, she could see the entire back of the museum. She knew from experience that this was where the building was most vulnerable. She sat back on her heels and partially hid behind a chimney. She waited.

Several hours later, she noticed the motion across the street. It was time to move.

She quietly lowered herself to the street and crossed to the museum. It was quiet. No alarms. Not that she expected any. The people she was after would be too good at what they did to set off any alarms.

Barbara Gordon had read in the morning paper that an exhibit of rare gems was opening that night at the museum. Batgirl knew that the gems were a prime target for one of Gotham's criminal element. What she hadn't known was which one.

Batgirl noticed the open window and quietly lifted herself through it, pausing only to look at the alarm wires that had been neatly bypassed. She lowered herself inside, her senses alert for any sound that might indicate where her prey was.

She noticed that she was in a coat room. She assumed that the burglar would exit through this same room. Although she could wait here for the criminal to return, she decided that the room didn't allow space to fight if necessary. She snuck across the small room and quietly opened the door. The hall appeared empty. She wondered where the night guards were.

Batgirl moved out into the museum. It was typical of most museums. Large and full of shadows. Batgirl liked that. It gave her room to move and hide. It also afforded her the chance to see her prey before they saw her. The gems were probably in the second level showroom. She decided to hide near the main stairs and wait. She had just reached the bottom of the stairs when she heard a slight sound to her right.

Without thinking, Batgirl moved into a fighting position. She heard the soft padding sound again, closer. Her black costume and the deep shadows hid her from view. The sound was real close. Deciding to take the initiative and strike a swift first blow, Batgirl kicked out toward the sound. She was rewarded with a thud and a short hiss.

An expert at savate, the French martial art, Batgirl realized instantly that the blow she struck had not hit anything near the size of a person. She moved out of the shadow and saw a cat lying on the floor of the museum hallway. It lay still. She knelt beside it and felt its side. It was not breathing. The swollen belly of the animal told her that it had been pregnant. A cat meant Catwoman, Batgirl decided. She took one last look at the poor animal...

Then she heard an angry scream and then nothing...

First came the pain. Lots of it. Then, slowly, came some portion of awareness.

Long, agonizing moments of pain slowly gave way to a dull sense of consciousness. Batgirl tried to move her head and was rewarded with a painful throbbing. She realized, almost at a subconscious level, that she was alive and that she'd make a big mistake.

Letting the dead cat distract her had been a mistake. Killing the cat in the first place was not a good choice either. She decided to just be thankful that she was alive and start with that. Batgirl opened her eyes and was surprised to find that she was no longer in the museum. As she continued to gather her thoughts, she assumed that she had been struck on the head by Catwoman and left for dead.

She risked another spasm of pain and looked around. It was then that she noticed that her hands and feet were tied and she was hanging spread-eagle from her arms. As the pain in her head subsided, she began to become acutely aware of the pain in her shoulders and wrists.

Batgirl could tell that she wasn't in the museum, but was having trouble placing exactly where she was. It was dark and she could not see anything. She could tell that her mask was still on, but aside from that nothing.

She hung in the dark for long minutes. Eventually, a door opened and someone walked in. A light came on, momentarily blinding her.

The figure in front of her spoke. "You killed my pet, you bitch."

Although blinded by the bright light and still groggy from the blow to her head, Batgirl remembered the voice. It was a very angry Cat-woman.

"That cat was about to have kittens. You killed her. For no reason."

"I'm sorry," Batgirl said, her mouth dry. Her tongue felt several times larger than it was. "It was an accident." She was more accustomed to the light now. She lifted her head to see Catwoman standing in front of her. Catwoman wore a tight, form-fitting leather body suit, but had removed the cowl that she normally used to cover her head. Her long black hair tumbled over her shoulders.

Catwoman stepped closer to where Batgirl hung. Batgirl darted her eyes to both sides. She was in an old warehouse. Her shackles where attached to large eyebolts in the support beams that were spaced about every ten feet. Her arms where just high enough to support most of her weight, but her feet were on the ground. Her feet were also bound by the same shackles that held her wrists. Her legs were spread open.

Catwoman simply looked at Batgirl with hatred in her eyes. She finally spoke. "You killed one of my pets." Catwoman turned and started to walk away. Batgirl thought she heard Catwoman start to cry.

Abruptly, Catwoman turned. Tears flowed down her face. "You kicked my cat!" she screamed and kicked Batgirl hard between the legs.

Batgirl was still weak from the blow to her head. She flinched from the blow and short seconds later felt dizzy and ill from the pain. As she lost consciousness again, she thought she heard Catwoman say, "Kick my pussy and I'll kick yours."

As she awoke the second time, Batgirl became aware of an urgent need to urinate. She'd never been in this sort of situation before. Every other time she'd been captured by one of Gotham's loony master criminals, she'd been able to escape shortly thereafter or had been rescued by
Batman. This time, that wasn't an option.

Even if Catwoman hadn't removed her utility belt, there was no way for Batgirl to reach it with her arms tied the way they were. And Batman was out of town. Or at least that's what her father had speculated earlier in the night during dinner.

Batgirl opened her eyes again. This time the lights were on and Catwoman was sitting on a box about ten paces away. Catwoman was watching Batgirl as she slowly awoke.

Catwoman did not speak. The two women stared at each other for several minutes. Batgirl finally spoke. "I'm really sorry about your cat. It was a mistake."

Catwoman still did not speak. Batgirl looked at her. Catwoman was a tall and well built woman, maybe in her mid-thirties. She had long, thick, black hair that flowed over her shoulders when it wasn't hidden under the cat-eared cowl she wore as part of her costume. The costume itself was a form fitting single-piece leather jumpsuit. What in the fashion trades was called (appropriately, in this case) a "catsuit." To the catsuit, she had added a pair of flat, soft-soled boots and a pair of leather gloves. The leather gloves had sharp razors attached to the finger tips; Catwoman's claws.

"Well, what are you going to do with me?" Batgirl asked.

"I haven't decided yet," Catwoman said.

Another few moments passed, neither woman talked.

Finally, Batgirl decided she could take it no more. It was bad enough that her neck hurt from having her head hanging, her head hurt from the blow, her wrists and shoulders hurt from the weight of hanging, and her crotch hurt from being kicked. All that was bad enough, it was just too much to have a bladder that felt like it was about to bust.

"Catwoman," she said.

Catwoman looked at her.

"I really have to go to the bathroom. Can you get me down?"

"You'll just try to get away," Catwoman said. "I can't let you loose until I decide how you should be punished."

Batgirl got mad. "You just want me to pee all over the floor?" she yelled.

"No," Catwoman said calmly, standing. "All of my pets are trained to use a litter box." Catwoman left the room.

Litter box, Batgirl thought. What does she have in mind?

A moment later, Catwoman returned. She carried a plastic box about two feet square. It was filled part way with cat litter. She placed the box under Batgirl, between Batgirl's feet.

"You've got to be joking?" Batgirl asked.

"No," Catwoman said. She flashed her "claws" in Batgirl's face.

Catwoman unzipped the front of Batgirl's bodysuit. The zipper only went to just below the chest. Catwoman held the fabric and with her other hand, cut through it, ripping the front of the bodysuit open. Batgirl watched, partly afraid and partly awed, as the razor-sharp claws tore her costume apart. Inches from her flesh. Batgirl shivered in horror at the thought that Catwoman would cut her up the same way.

Catwoman ran her claws down the front of Batgirl's body suit. She peeled it away from her body from neck to the top of Batgirl's boots. Catwoman then reached for the jogging bra. She slipped a single finger between Batgirl's breasts and flicked the claw. The thin strip of cloth between the bra cups was sliced cleanly by the razor. The bra fell open, exposing Batgirl's breasts.

Catwoman paused for a moment, eyeing Batgirl's milky white breasts. Batgirl looked on in absolute horror as Catwoman's fingers waved inches from her breasts.

Catwoman then slid a finger under Batgirl's underpants. The claw scratched Batgirl's hip, but didn't cut too deep. First one flick, then another flick. First the right hip, then the left; the under-pants fell into the litter box.

Batgirl hung from her shackles, her costume in shreds and totally exposed in front. Her bare breasts and crotch were exposed and vulnerable to Catwoman's claws.

Catwoman turned and left the room.

Batgirl had never been in a situation quite like this. She'd faced certain death many times, but had never been humiliated quite like this. She had no recourse but to hang from her bonds and wait for mercy from her captor.

She finally could stand it no longer and relaxed her bladder. She was thankful that she could relieve herself in privacy.

About a half hour after leaving, Catwoman returned. She walked up to Batgirl and looked at her.

She finally spoke. "You're a redhead."

Under her mask, Batgirl blushed. She realized that Catwoman was looking at her pussy hair, not her head.

"I've never been with a redhead," Catwoman said.

Ohmygawd, Batgirl thought, she's a lesbian. All those times she tried to seduce the Batman had just been a ruse.

As if reading Batgirl's mind, Catwoman said, "I'm not a dyke, if that's what you think. But, I've slept with a woman or two. Maybe I'm bi. I don't know. What I do know is that you've got a very nice body."

Batgirl looked down at her exposed body. She'd never really thought about how attractive she was. She worked out at the gym, taking aerobics classes. That was mainly for appearances. Her other workouts were in private, with heavy weights and martial arts instructors. Her body was lean but muscular. As Barbara Gordon, head research librarian for the Gotham City Public Library, she rarely had to do anything more physical than carry a few books, but as Batgirl, she needed to be in top physical shape.

Catwoman pulled off her gloves and tossed them aside. Batgirl silently felt a wave of relief with the risk of the claws removed from her exposed breasts and pussy. Catwoman cautiously reached out and softly caressed Batgirl's breast with one hand.

Next, Catwoman cupped Batgirl's pussy in her hand and gently pressed her palm against Batgirl's mons. Batgirl was partially repulsed by the actions, but secretly she admitted to herself that she was finally finding out what it would be like to make love to another woman. Barbara had known several girls in college that professed to be lesbians, and had often wondered what it was like. Since becoming Batgirl, she'd pretty much relied only on masturbation as a sexual outlet. She'd never wanted to get too close to any guy, for fear that he'd figure out her secret.

But, Batgirl realized that even if she wanted to satisfy her curiosity, this was not the time to do so. Catwoman had knocked her out and practically kidnapped her. Maybe she was a sexual psychopath instead of just a cat burglar. Anyone that ran around at night in a costume like that must be crazy, she thought. Remembering her own costume, the tight black lycra bodysuit with the gold bat symbol on the front, Batgirl decided this was not the line of thought to pursue too much.

Batgirl struggled against her bonds. They were snug, but she wondered if she could pull free. She pulled on her right hand has hard as she could.

Catwoman seemed to be oblivious to her captive's struggles. She continued to caress Batgirl's pubic hair, seemingly entranced by the red curls. Although she continued to struggle with her shackles, Batgirl was afraid to admit to herself that Catwoman's caresses felt good. It had, after all, been so long since she'd had a man touch her like that.

Catwoman knelt down in front of Batgirl. She paused for a moment, as if contemplating what she was about to do. Batgirl stopped struggling for a moment, also contemplating what was about to happen. She was helpless to stop it.

Her Batgirl persona often got in Barbara's way of a "normal" life, especially a normal sex life. That was not to say that she was a virgin. Barbara had what she thought to be a considerable amount of sexual experience, both in college and after college. Of all the activities that a man and woman could do, she liked having her pussy sucked most. She'd just never had another woman do it.

Catwoman leaned forward and placed her face in Batgirl's open crotch. The shackles held Batgirl's leg spread open and her entire pussy was accessible. Batgirl shivered in anticipation. It was almost like Catwoman was teasing her.

Finally, it came. The warm tongue flicked out and barely touched her pussy lips. Then again, just a little more. And yet again.

Batgirl resumed her struggles. She pulled on her right arm with all her might. She felt her hand start to slip through the shackle just as Catwoman gave her clit a long, slow lick.

"Ohhh," Batgirl moaned. She tried not to enjoy it, but it felt so good and it had been so long. She pulled on the shackle again, her wrist feeling raw from the friction.

Another long, slow lick of her clit caused a shiver to run down her body. This time Batgirl bit her tongue rather than moan. Catwoman paused a moment. Batgirl looked down and saw her open the front of her catsuit. Like Batgirl's bodysuit, the catsuit had a zipper in front. Unlike the bodysuit, this catsuit's zipper ran nearly to the crotch. Catwoman pulled the zipper down to just past her breasts. Batgirl could see Catwoman's cleavage.

Catwoman returned her attention to her captive. Another quick flick of Batgirl's pussy lips, then Catwoman grabbed some of the red curls in her lips and tugged on them by moving her head from side to side.

If this keeps up much longer, I'm going to come, Batgirl thought. She wondered if that was really a bad thing.

Batgirl pulled on the shackle again. This time, her hand slipped through. Catwoman had ignored Batgirl's struggles until now, but with her captive's hand free, she jumped to her feet.

The two women stared at each other for a long minute. Batgirl had one hand free but had none of her utility belt gadgets available to her. Catwoman was quick and still had the upper hand. Both waited for the other to make the next move.

Well, you started off the night with a bad decision, Batgirl told herself. Let's just hope I don't live to regret this one.

Batgirl flexed her arm slightly. It was sore and partially numb from the weight of hanging on it. She tested it more. Catwoman eyed her warily.

Batgirl decided to make her move. She slowly reached forward and put her hand on Catwoman's left breast.

The other woman smiled and returned the gesture. Catwoman then leaned forward and kissed Batgirl full on the mouth. At first the kiss was gentle and soft. Batgirl started to return the kiss. Soon the two women had their mouths open and were gently probing each other's mouths with their tongues. Batgirl had never kissed another woman before, let alone a woman with the taste of pussy on her mouth.

Finally, Catwoman broke the embrace. She looked deeply into Batgirl's eyes and smiled. She reached up and slowly put her hand on Batgirl's mask.

Batgirl grabbed Catwoman's wrist with her free hand. For a tense moment the two woman resumed their conflict. They both tensed their bodies in anticipation of a struggle.

Realizing that Catwoman could have removed the mask while she was unconscious, Batgirl figured that the move was a gesture. A non-verbal way of asking for trust. Batgirl removed her hand from the other woman's wrist. Catwoman paused and then slowly lifted the mask and pulled the mask and cowl from Batgirl's head.

So much for my secret identity, Batgirl thought. She wasn't a celebrity or anything, but her picture had been in the paper several times, for winning awards in school and several times beside her father at various police functions. She'd often worried about having her secret discovered, but she decided that outside of someone linking her to her father, there wasn't really much that anyone could do. It wasn't like she was a multi-billionaire socialite like Bruce Wayne. She could understand the blackmail opportunity if that were the case.

It was a hot and muggy night. The cowl was never very cool and on a night like this it was downright confining. Batgirl's short red hair was plastered to her head and wet from perspiring. Until recently, she'd worn her hair longer. Sometimes nearly as long as Catwoman's. But she wanted a change, so she'd tried a very short hair style.

"Your hair is so butch," Catwoman said softly, almost purring in Batgirl's ear. "I like it," she said as she ran her hand through Batgirl's hair.

Batgirl had not considered the short haircut to be butch. Until now. She moved her free hand up and ran her own fingers through Catwoman's long, black hair. She thought, for just a split second, that she had the advantage now. She could curl her hand up in the mass of black hair and pull hard. The surprise might catch Catwoman off guard.

Batgirl was the one caught off guard. While she was preoccupied, Catwoman embraced her again, her mouth on Batgirl's mouth. She used one hand to pull Batgirl's head toward her. The other hand snaked around Batgirl's waist and rubbed Batgirl's firm ass.

After the embrace, Batgirl said, "That's not fair. You have two hands and I only have one." As she said this, she reached to touch Catwoman's breast again. The implied message was clear; two hands meant twice as much touching.

Catwoman nuzzled a moment more against Batgirl's cheek and then reached up, reluctantly, to unbuckle the shackle holding Batgirl's other hand. Batgirl used her previously free hand to massage the feeling back into her other arm. As she did this, Catwoman knelt down again. A long slow lick of Batgirl's pussy brought another moan to Batgirl's lips.

Catwoman then reached down and in turn unbuckled both of her captive's legs. She pushed the litter box out of the way so Batgirl could stand without her legs spread open. Batgirl flexed each leg. Again, for a brief second, she considered a swift kick to disable her opponent. But, having been tied up for so long, she was stiff and sore. She doubted that she could pull off the move.

Besides, something special seemed to be happening between them. Batgirl reached out and took Catwoman into her arms. Catwoman was taller, but not so tall they couldn't stand together and kiss. As they kissed, Catwoman pulled what remained of Batgirl's costume off her. Batgirl returned the favor by finishing the zipper of Catwoman's catsuit. As they embraced, Batgirl was suddenly overpowered by the exotic combination of smells. Two hot, sweaty women; one in leather and the other in lycra. The smell of her own wet pussy wafted to her nose and mixed with the other smells.

Catwoman broke the kiss and lead Batgirl into the next room. They were in an abandoned warehouse, but one that had been partially renovated into apartments. The next room was a large living area. Several cats roamed the room and a large bed filled one corner. Batgirl didn't have to be told that was where they were headed.

Catwoman pushed Batgirl down on the bed and pulled Batgirl's boots off. She then tugged on the catsuit and pulled it first off one shoulder, then the other. Her large breasts fell out as the suit came down.

Batgirl looked up at the other woman's large breasts. She had seen naked women before, at the gym and in the showers at college. She decided that Catwoman's were about the best looking breasts she'd ever seen. She couldn't help wondering how Catwoman could stand to run and jump around town the way she did with those large breasts getting in the way. Her own breasts were smaller, but still full and round. Only a maximum strength jogging bra enabled her to function as Batgirl.

Catwoman now stood over Batgirl naked. Her black hair framed her face and similar hair covered her pussy.

Catwoman lay down beside her companion. They kissed for long minutes, their hands roaming each other's bodies. Batgirl was surprised that the movements seemed so natural to her. If someone had told her earlier that she'd have her first lesbian experience tonight and it would be touching another woman's breasts, ass, and pussy, she'd never had believed that it would feel so wonderful.

"Oh, you're so tight," Catwoman said as she slowly slid a finger into Batgirl's pussy. Batgirl idly ran her hand through Catwoman's hair and down her cheek.

"It's been a long time since I've had sex," she said. "I don't meet many nice men in this line of work."

"I don't either," Catwoman admitted. "Except for..."

"Batman," they both said at once. They laughed. Batgirl felt her pussy get even wetter as Catwoman pushed her finger further into her.

"I see he makes you hot and wet too," Catwoman observed.

Batgirl didn't answer. Her blush did that for her.

Catwoman pushed a second finger into the other woman's red-haired pussy. "I'll bet he's got a nice big dick."

"Ohhh, yeah," was all Batgirl could moan, partially in agreement, but mostly in orgasm.

After Catwoman brought her off, Batgirl figured she owed it to Catwoman to do the same. She didn't know quite what to do, but remembered her college friends saying that only a woman knew what another woman would like. Batgirl liked to have her pussy sucked, so she figured that's
what she should do to Catwoman.

Batgirl moved to place her face in Catwoman's crotch. Catwoman laid back and spread her legs open. "You've never done it before, have you?"

"With a guy," Batgirl answered.

"Just do it like you like it done to you," Catwoman told her.

Batgirl used one hand to hold Catwoman's pussy lips open. The other she used to reach up and caress Catwoman's large breasts. Catwoman's nipples were large and stiff with excitement. Batgirl rolled the one nipple in her fingers as she carefully moved the dark pussy hair away
from Catwoman's clit.

The musky odor of a woman's pussy filled Batgirl's nostrils as she moved closer to the other woman's pussy. Catwoman was wet, her pussy hole glistened with moisture. Batgirl tentatively reached out with her tongue and placed it on the other woman's large swollen clit.

Catwoman placed her hands on Batgirl's neck and shoulders. She moved one hand up through Batgirl's now dry hair. She caressed Batgirl's shoulder in response to Batgirl's tongue caresses on her pussy. Each time Batgirl moved her tongue up, Catwoman would stroke up; each time Batgirl moved her tongue down, Catwoman would move her caress down Batgirl's shoulder.

Slowly, the caresses moved out of time with what Batgirl was doing. It took her a moment, but then Batgirl realized that Catwoman was directing her how to lick pussy. Batgirl tried it. Catwoman moved her hand in a slow circular motion, so Batgirl moved her tongue in a slow circular motion around the woman's clit. This brought a low moan, almost a purr, from Catwoman.

Catwoman pulled Batgirl's head tighter to her pussy and sped up the movement of her hands. Batgirl tried to keep up with her tongue. Her untrained tongue was getting tired. She wondered if she needed to add tongue exercises to her daily workout.

By now, Catwoman was practically fucking Batgirl's face. She pressed her pussy hard against the redhead's month and bucked her hips in a frantic motion. "Lick my pussy, lick my cunt," she said in a soft voice. "Lick me, ohhh, ohhhhhh yeah."

Batgirl hadn't made love to a woman before, but she had come herself enough to recognize that the other woman was about to have a powerful orgasm. She continued to press her sore tongue against Catwoman's black haired pussy. Her tongue was just about ready to turn numb when she remembered a technique she'd had done to her once.

Batgirl opened her mouth open as wide as she could and pulled her tongue in. She clamped her mouth down over the entire top portion of Catwoman's pussy and then pursed her lips around the clit. She started sucking hard on Catwoman's clit while only occasionally licking with her tongue.

"Fuck me hard, that feels so good," Catwoman screamed. "I'm gonna come. Ohh, yes, lick me." She straightened her legs out quickly several times, kicking in involuntary orgasmic contractions and them wrapped them around Batgirl's neck.

A flood of hot wet liquid shot into Batgirl's mouth. Piss? she wondered. It didn't taste bad, she decided. She ejaculates, Batgirl realized. She remembered reading about it, but had never been able to do it herself.

Catwoman laid back, limp from the hot sex. Batgirl moved up to suck softly on her breasts. They were heaving as Catwoman gasped for air.

After resting for several long minutes, Catwoman reached over to a nightstand beside the bed. She pulled out a black leather belt and a large pink dildo.

"You said it's been a while since you've had a good fuck, right?" Catwoman asked her partner.

"Yeah," Batgirl said. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the rubber phallus.

Catwoman slid the belt around her waist and pulled another strap up between her legs. She stroked her pussy for a moment and then buckled the harness. The base of the dildo rested just above her clit and as she bounced the rubber dick up and down, it vibrated her clit so nicely.

She pushed Batgirl back and mounted her. The rubber dick was only about eight inches long, but Batgirl gasped in a combination of pain, surprise, and pleasure as it entered her hole.

Catwoman bucked her hips up and down, just has she had earlier while Batgirl was licking her pussy. The feeling of pushing against the base of the dildo made her cunt even wetter.

Batgirl pulled Catwoman toward her and enjoyed the weight of the woman on top of her as they fucked. She'd almost forgotten how good it felt to be penetrated and was very much enjoying this.

The two women kissed and hugged each other tightly as they fucked. Catwoman varied the thrusting every couple of moments, keeping Batgirl guessing what was coming next. Long, slow, easy thrusts for a couple of minutes and then a series of quick shallow thrusts and then some hard deep thrusts that took Batgirl's breath away.

Most of the men Batgirl had fucked tended to get into rhythm and they stayed there. Although that was nice, this felt better. Batgirl couldn't decide if it was the technique or the fact that it was another woman on top of her. Catwoman's large hot breasts crushed against her own breasts as they moaned and moved as one person.

After Batgirl's orgasm, Catwoman took the harness off and handed it to Batgirl. "Now, you do me," she commanded.

Batgirl took the dildo in her hands. It was slick with her own juices. She couldn't resist taking it into her mouth and sucking it for just a moment. She then put it on. It took her a few tries to get it buckled just right, but Catwoman moved around behind her and helped. When it was on, Catwoman took the dildo into her hands and pretended to jack Batgirl off. She pressed her tits into Batgirl's back as she reached around and caressed the fake dick with one hand and Batgirl's tits with another. As Catwoman did this, Batgirl discovered that the weight of the dildo in the harness made it rub her mons just right. She wondered if she'd have another orgasm just wearing the thing.

Catwoman got down on her hands and knees. Batgirl got behind her and, taking the dick into her hand, started to move it to the opening of Catwoman's pussy.

"No," Catwoman said.

"What's wrong?" Batgirl asked.

"The other way," Catwoman said.

"Other way?" Batgirl asked, confused.

"In my ass. Stick it in my ass."

Batgirl had never tried anal sex, but wondered what it was like. It was beginning to look like she'd end up trying all sorts of new things tonight.

She carefully repositioned the dildo to the opening of Catwoman's asshole. Catwoman seemed to tense up for a moment and then took a deep breath. As Catwoman relaxed, Batgirl could see her asshole relax also. It seemed to open up and await the dildo's entrance. The dildo was still slick with Batgirl's come, so it moved into Catwoman's ass easily. She's done this before, Batgirl thought. With a man or a woman? she wondered. Or both?

Batgirl wasn't quite so sure what to do now. She knew the anus was a very sensitive spot and didn't want to hurt Catwoman. Earlier, the two had been enemies. But now, they were lovers. Like any lover, Batgirl had developed some deep feelings for the other woman and didn't want to hurt her.

She pushed the dildo in slowly and hoped that Catwoman would tell her if she went too fast or too deep. Catwoman reached back with one hand and grabbed one of Batgirl's hands. She brought Batgirl's hand forward and placed it on her breast. Batgirl leaned forward and could feel how hard Catwoman's nipple was.

Batgirl slowly began to move her hips forward and backward. Catwoman still didn't say anything, so she used the pressure on her own clit as a guide as to how far to move the dildo in and out of the other woman's ass.

After a few moments, Catwoman's ass seemed to relax more and the pushing got a little easier. Batgirl took this as a sign to push just a little faster; not much, just a little. Catwoman moaned softly and began to move in rhythm to Batgirl's own movements.

Many long, gentle strokes later, both women had another orgasm. Batgirl pulled the dildo out of Catwoman's ass and took off the harness. Catwoman rolled over and they kissed long and hard.

Afterward, the two lay quiet, holding each other in an embrace.

"My name's Selina," Catwoman said.

Batgirl kissed her. "Hello, Selina."

"Hello, Barbara..."

"How do you know?" Batgirl asked, only half-surprised.

"I've seen your picture in the paper. You were at a banquet with your father just last week."

"Well, yeah," Barbara admitted.

"He's rather nice also."

"Who?" Barbara asked.

"Your father," Selina said. "I've always liked those big bold action types."

Barbara thought about it. She'd never realized it before, but her father was a very attractive man. Although he'd gained a little weight from being behind a desk for so many years, he was still very much the burly, ox of a man that he'd been as a beat cop.

Several of the cats had made their way to the bed and although suspicious of the newcomer, had cuddled amongst the women. Barbara laid back, content for a short while. She'd forgotten how good it felt to just lay quietly in another person's arms after sex.

"This sort of changes things, doesn't it," she said.

"How so?" Selina asked.

"Well, what happens the next time I catch you at the museum?"

"This time I caught you," Selina reminded her. "I'm sorry I hit you."

"I'm sorry about the cat," Barbara told her, a slight break in her voice as she remembered the cat laying still on the cold marble floor.

"I just lost it when I saw you kneeling over Tigger. I didn't mean to hit you so hard, I just saw red." Selina started to cry.

The two women hugged each other close and both cried for a long time.

Barbara wiped the tears from Selina's face. Selina said, "It does change things, doesn't it."

"Yeah," Barbara admitted. "Even if I don't do anything, there's still the police and other people that will try and stop you."

"Like Batman, you mean."

"Yes," Barbara said.

"Can't you just put in a good word for me?" Selina questioned.

"He wouldn't listen if I did."

"You work together, don't you?" Selina wondered.

"No," Barbara told her. "He only tolerates me. I think he figured out who I am. For a long time, he went out of his way to hinder me. I think it might have been some 'chivalrous macho' thing, I don't know."

"Probably figured a woman couldn't cut it," Selina said.

"Well, anyway, there was one night I came home from a late date and he was in my apartment. It was the night my father was shot. He came to get me. The next time he saw me as Batgirl, he treated me differently. Like he begrudgingly accepted me."

"Do you know..." Selina started to ask.

"No," Barbara said quickly, "I've never been able to figure it out. And I couldn't tell you even if I did know. Even after..."

"Even after I fucked your brains out?"


The woman held each other, their naked bodies intertwined. Selina's cats began to climb onto the bed and snuggle around the two women. Soon, all were asleep.

Koala Mentala said...

I may be a loser in almost every respect but at least I'm better than most people at typing while drunk.

Plus, I'm not a short, bald asshole.

Uncle Sammy said...

Cutting and pasting is for losers too but since it was porn it's ok.

The Stalker said...

It's like porners are attracted to superblog - like moths to a flame. It was a good story, can't believe I read it!

zenmonki said...

And I thought I posted long comments.

Goo said...

that was hot. i can't remember what the original post was now.

Koala Mentala said...

I didn't read it. The story was way too long for Superblog!!'s attention span. And it totally ruined a potentially interesting discussion on the Evil of Bald Men.