Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is Not a Nazi Emblem, and I am Not a Nazi

Now I'll tell you the story of my recent adventures.

There comes a time in every young man's life when he has to say, "Fuck everything, I'll sell the ranch and move to Falun". For me, that time came, so that's what I did.

Falun has little or nothing to do with the Falun Gong movement, so don't you go sending your Chinese Communist terrorist assassins after me, mister! It is instead a smallish town in the middle of Sweden, which is another way of saying the middle of nowhere. Using the Internet, it's now fully possible to learn stuff about Falun! For example:

Falun is a city [shut up! it's a town!] in central Sweden and the seat of Falun Municipality. It is located in the province of Dalarna, at 60°36′ N 15°37′ E and has about 35,000 inhabitants. Together with the surrounding area, Falun Municipality has 55,000 inhabitants. The city of Falun received its privileges in 1641.

1641! That's ages ago. I'll bet even your grandparents weren't born back then. But it gets worse:

The town of Falun is known to have existed in the 14th century as a market place for the surrounding lands. Mining for copper had been a local business since the mid-1200's and the organisation for the extracting of copper and gold from the Great Copper Mountain (Stora Kopparberg) is believed to be the oldest still existing enterprise in the world, proved active since 1347.

Copper? That's way better than gold!

Falun has also applied for the Olympic Winter Games but hasn't received them yet.

And, if I have anything to say about it, never will.

And that's my story.


Moocko said...

Koala's back!!

Moocko said...

Oh. And there's NOTHING that says "I'm back, man!" like a big fat fucking swastika.

zenmonki said...

Glad to see you've settled into a new town that sounds way, er, I mean much, er, I mean somewhat better than Linköping, ... right?

Anyway. It's good to see you back on the Net. I think Sammy might have had a stroke or something from all the pressure of being the sole Superblog(!!)ger.

My word: sxewajam sounds like sex and jam!

zenmonki said...

Oh, and why the move?

Afe said...

Yeah, let's get personal. We want to know:

1) Why the move
2) What the hell
3) What the hell is with the move
4) What is hell
5) Let's move

Sara said...

Did you move or visit the town. I'm confused.

Paperslut said...

Do you intend to become mayor of said town?
Politics is like cheese.

Moocko said...

How come everyone's so fucking gay for shit that's not fucking interesting? And how come everyone sucks cock? And how come everyone tries to be so fucking smart and witty, instead of cool, natural and full of curse words like me? I'm the only SB!!-fan who counts. "Counts" reminds me of "cunts".

Cindy-Lou said...

I want that tattooed on me.

Sara said...

"Cunt" reminds me of "twat" because I was in England the first time I heard either word.

Moocko, what the fuck are you talking about? I can fucking use as many cocksmoking swear words as much at you can, ass clown.

And I'm the better fucking SB fan because I have nicer tits. Face the facts, Jack. I gots 'em sos I flaunts 'em.