Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Everybody Hates a Loser!

That's why YOU should try to be a winner! Answer any or all of the questions below and win a trip to Falun.

Who's that sad man? Why's he poking at his eyes? Is he suffering from calcium deficiency? How does he sleep at night? What's on his mind? Does he know the meaning of the word reciprocity ?

Reciprocity works like this: you give someone something of value for free. That individual feels an obligation to return the favor. Reciprocity is a very powerful principle.


Koala Mentala said...

The man is named Ali, but I like to call him Steven. Hello Steven!

Afe said...

He appears to have a moustache. That's all I have to say about the matter.

zenmonki said...

His name is Ikwgcojl which can only be pronounced by alien beings from the planet Wordverificationica.

He is poking his eyes out because he just saw Koala naked.

Right before that, he was thinking "how the hell did I end up here at Superblog!!?" Now he's just thinking "OH MY GOD MY EYES MY EYES I'M BLIND OH MY GOD I CAN'T SEE WHY THE HELL DID I POKE MY EYES OUT!!!!?"

Goo said...

This man is sad because he's a pakastani whose house was destroyed in the quake and america won't send aid because his country helped harbor terrorists. He's poking what appears to be his eyes but actually are just empty sockets because he sold his eyeballs to a chinese organ harvestor for some xanax so he can sleep at night. Right now he's thinking "I wonder if i can sell Koala Mentala some nasonex using the theory of reciprocity".

Very good questions uncle sammy. I too have questions i must ask... in good time i shall ask these questions and ask them i shall.. in time ask them perhaps i must ask shall.. yep yep

Uncle Sammy said...

Answer: The sad man is Ali Esbati, by far Sweden's angriest commie agitator. Goo is now the proud winner of a blood red falu sausage.

zenmonki said...

How disappointing-ly... normal.