Sunday, December 26, 2004

Trespassers will be prosecuted

Around a week ago i wrote a little piece (not in English) about how hardcore objectivists feel about Christmas and santas and stuff. Very educating I must say myself...

Now it has come to my attention that Swedish blogger Johan Norberg must (very very likely) have been to Superblog!! to reap from this intellectual goldmine. Problem is that even if he reproduces the essence of my post he does so in a pretty dull way without giving Superblog!! proper credit... Mr Norberg! Are you falling for that No Logo talk you too?

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Johan Norberg said...

I am sorry, Uncle. I'd love to give you proper credit, but only where it is due. Have a look at my post on Christmas again, and you'll see that I wrote it ONE YEAR before you wrote yours.

You still claim I got it from you? ;-)