Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Five more years !

Ha ha ! Me Dubya!! I´m the man ! I´m the man ! I have many fingers ! Me here for long time now!


Anonymous said...

Get the fuck W! Nobody like U! Out of Whitehouse now!

Anonymous said...

Hey, mister George Dubbel-You Bosch. I think it's great that you're the prez and that you have such beautiful fingers and stuff. I also have nice fingers, but they are like black and not white and shiny lik yours :o( Anywayz i think it is truly a good thing that u have your personal blog "lamadjuret" for everyone to read so that u keep in contact with fans and stuff all over the vorld. thnx for me mister prez and i'll vote 4 u 4ever! death to kerry and the cross he came in on! SATAN ROCKS! /// Moocko