Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dagens I-landsproblem*

From the comments sections to this blog entry:

I kind of had a shitty DVD haul for XMas. I got the "THX1138" Directors Cut, but not the new special edition. Then, for some fricking reason, my mom got me "Garden State" and "Napolean Dynamite" SOUNDTRACKS!! When I pseudo calmy asked why, she said, "well...I couldn't tell from your Amazon wishlist if you wanted the DVD's or music...and I know you like music to so...." I know that's kind of fucked up to say...but c'mon....soundtracks? Jesus! Now I feel like a "Seinfeld" character...not a good one either. Great.

*Roughly translated: "Oh, What Troubles Befall People in Industrialized Countries!"

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