Monday, December 27, 2004

Drunkblogging premiere

Had a private screening in my home of Shaun of the dead. (courtsey of bittorrrent by the way) I must say that it is kind of a entertaining movie. I do not have the newest state of the art homemovie equipment
but it will have to do until Superblog starts to cash in some dough. Speaking of scary things...An imaginary friend of mine tried to spook me by predicting that liberal ghost would haunt my sleep. I say to that: Whisky
makes you oblivious to the most liberal ghost ! Life will be worse for the sleepy conservatives when "aces" like the following passes on to the afterlife. Michael Moore (will suffer for his sins indeed), Howard Dean (will come to the funnier parts of hell ) and John Kerry.. (will spend christmas in hell (perhaps not))

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Anonymous said...

Your syntax and grammar and politics and lack of moral fiber appall me.