Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Help Sam, Too!

He might need it now that even most Americans think the Iraq war was a mistake. And then there's the report that the President personally authorized torture. Outrageous! This is Superblog!!'s official comment, directly aimed at George Bush, Jr.

... men varför bloggar vi på engelska nu då? CRAZY. Och egentligen är det väl detta vi vill säga till Dubya.

Blä, detta var ett tråkigt inlägg och ej värt de 3000 minuter det tog att komponera det.

Superblog!! - Året runt, dygnet runt, i resten av ditt liv.

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Koala Mentala said...

Just thought I'd add (in case anyone was wondering) that the first link is Incredibly Old News because I lost the link to the story I originally wanted to comment on. So I thought, something is better than nothing.

Quality Blogging, this is.