Monday, December 19, 2005


When I logged on to ICQ tonight I saw that Koala had mentioned something about a soon to be released Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk 6-issue miniseries.

LOST writer Damon Lindelof is now turning his hand to comics with the surely-it's-a-joke ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK. Marvel have outright declared that this will literally be six issues of the Canuck with Metal Knucks and Naked Green Angry Man beating the living shite out of each other. In fact, the previews have been awash with the greatest image ever published by Marvel - Hulk tearing Wolverine in half.

Koala also said (or did he scream in agony?): You're killing SUPERBLOG!!

I ponder this for a while and suddenly everything is as clear as the water the sausage was boiled in!
Wolverine represents SUPERBLOG!! and when I'm slacking off I turn into the HULK! I'm tearing this motherfucking blog apart!!! Uncle Sammy smash SUPERBLOG!! UGHNNNGH !


Goo said...

three things: first off, does anyone here (besides you, moocko, & koala) really care about comic books? i mean really?

secondly: go ahead and kill superblog!! save me the trouble will ya?

and thirdly: you boil sausages? swedes are weird.

Buffer said...

Comics are delightful.

ulk eats people and Wolverine makes out with 16 year old girls.

Not your parents comic books.

The Superblog is not as rude as Kelly LeBrock so I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Matthew said...

Will Logan form new legs or will his legs grow a new upper body? Or will both happen? Could we be looking at two Wolvies fighting the Hulk? Jeepers! And what about his adamantium skeleton? Not even the hulk can smash/break that stuff can he?

BTW, the Ultimates series sucks. Except for "Ultimate Iron Man."

Goo said...

whoa... comic book talk... weird.

Sara said...

I think I started to read the Ironman book. I got about three pages into it and got bored. I could have been a different book.

Buffer said...

I've seen Hulk grow back from his vital organs and a skelleton because he was significantly super pissed.

Once his stomach sealed over his arm while it was holding in his intestines inplace and he couldn't get it out painlessly.

Ultimate Iron Man was horrible.

But I'm curious what his fiance made his do because she's just that damn charming now that we know her true loyalties.

Uncle Sammy said...

No, I don't care very much about comic books and I don't think I'm able to kill SUPERBLOG!! but I'll continue to rip it apart.

Thirdly... of course we boil sausages! Is there any other way?

Smart Mouth said...

Remember that time Gary and Wyatt wore bra hats and made Kelly LeBrock out of a Barbie Doll and then Chet turned into some kind of blobby monster and he ate flies and everyone had bad hair and got drunk and started laughing about the family jewels and a missile came through the basement and there was an absolute absence of candle wax on the nipples and witchcraft and then the Hulk showed up and kicked Wolverine's ass while Iron Man watched? That one was my favorite.

Josephine said...

Koala is a cute nickname. "Mental" makes it sound like it's mutated and have a pair of nice vampire-teeth... ;) question is of course... how honest is it? *lol*

Matthew said...

I think I remember when the hulk's stomach healed over his hand. Was that "very special" AIDS issue?

And what's with all the Iron Man hatas?

Koala Mentala said...

Sammy: Every time someone mentions SUPERBLOG!! it looks like a scream because of the capital letters and the exclamation points. As it should be.

Sorry, Goo, your opinions are stupid.

Matthew: I think Millar's Ultimates is very entertaining, in a stupid-summer-blockbuster kind of way (at least volume 1, haven't read the current volume). I'd be slightly more inclined to check out the Iron Man book if it weren't for SUPERBLOG!!'s long-standing
feud with Orson Scott Card
. I won't be buying that Wolvie/Hulk book. Generally I'm more into "art" comics than superhero stuff. I'm a pretentious, over-educated Swede.

Smart Mouth, I remember that time. It was sweet.

Josephine, Koala is my slave name.

Sara, what's up?

Buffer, stay cool, man.

Matthew said...

I met Orson Scott Card at a book signing once. He seemed alright to me. Except when he called me a Jungian Psycho-Terrorist. That was uncalled for.

Buffer said...

Hey Smart Mouth...

Chet was a "shit", honest to god, I Dream of Horny turned him into a piece of "shit".