Friday, December 09, 2005

Back from the Dead

Royal pussy tastes like lemon

Yes! I have returned to save what few SUPERBLOG!! fans remain from the incompetent blogging of my somewhat respected colleague, Uncle Sammy.

Yes! I, the artist formerly (and currently) known as "Koala Mentala" (what a stupid name!), will once again bring light to the world! And I will bring tyrants to their knees! And I will bring food to the hungry! I will heal the sick and destroy the healthy! I will deride the mighty and weak alike! I will do it because I care.

Yes! Verily! I will do all this and more! But not today!

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow!


Mr. John Steed said...

Paris said: ‘I love tiaras. They’re sooo cute. I like to wear them to my birthday parties. Trust me, people act differently toward you when you’ve got jewelry on your head. Especially when they suspect it might be real’.

If Paris said so, I like Diana.

Moocko said...

You'll pay! Ah, you'll paaay!