Monday, December 26, 2005

Link-O-Rama #4

How fast can YOU type the alphabet?

I typed a lot of it in 5.640 seconds which is very fast considering it's the weird english alphabet without åäö.


Sara said...

I couldn't take the quiz. I'm terrible when it comes to quizzes and tests. I get all "OH GOD!!! I don't know ANYTHING!!!!" and shit.

I can't take the pressure.

Uncle Sammy said...

Whoooa! I thought internet was dead! But it's alive! And you're alive too Sara! Good!

Goo said...

The Internet isn't dead. Blogspot is dead because everyone is at right now cashing out their gift cards. Like I'm going to go do right now myself.


Koala Mentala said...

5.141 for me! Took several tries, though.

Btw: What's the matter with SUPERBLOG!!? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Whatever happened to the nation's number one source of bitterness and despair?

Xmas couplet!! Next, me write sonett.