Monday, September 26, 2005

Where's Koala?

Has anybody seen him? Is he dead?

Three koalas were still clinging to the branches of one tree almost devoid of leaves.
A dead koala was found hanging from a branch and more carcasses were scattered on a dirt track.
"This is disgraceful," Mr Martin said.

Former super villain Rudolph, responsible for fucking up my broadband connection, bragged today about fucking up Koala's connection aswell.... Maybe he should be put on our death list again?


Matthew said...

How successful was the original death list?

Sara said...

Don't get it (Death List) confused with your holiday greeting card list. That would be hilariously tragic.

Let's hope that our dear friend, Koala, is not dead. We haven't had our hot, steamy love affair yet.


Uncle Sammy said...

Arafat - check.
Johnnie Cochran - check.
Pope John Paul II - check.
Rudolph - still alive.
Moocko - still alive.

Btw, Can confirm that Koala is alive but not very sane.

Afe said...

Yep, he is alive. I saw him coming out of a 7-11 eating a hot dog. He looks a lot fatter though.

Sara said...

Since when does sanity matter?

The Stalker said...

Hope he is not stuck on the ship od death

Goo said...

I FOUND HIM! I FOUND HIM! I FOUND KOALA!! The monkey finally fessed up.

Sara said...

He lives in Sweden, not Scotland or New England. Silly Goo.

Goo said...

wha? huh? that makes no sense silly sara.

Matthew said...

Silly! Silly! I just shit my pants! Yea!

Sara said...

Goat humping is a favorite past time in Scotland and parts of New England. Kinda like kicking Canadians is a favorite past time for Mormons.

Go change your pants, Matthew.