Saturday, September 17, 2005

Famous People I Have Met

Today I found out that I know one of the participants in the breathtaking Swedish reality show Expedition Robinson! I haven't seen her in many many years and back then she was....somewhat strange. I translated a few things she told about herself and it goes like this:

Once, I willed go to Stockholm and to see Simply ridded. I went up to Stockholm and took drum electricity banana to Globen, but when I came forward labeled I that must have read the text on my ticket little careless for the each Simple Minds that willed perform. Then, I began to cry.

Very close to reality I must say, only better. Here's one of my first posts translated:

IDG hostar from itself a reflection over São Tome and their. pc decision even which evidently is used hårt of Africa's porn factory owners. A thorough review shows that not only pornografiker is tempted of. the pc domain!!
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Advice (free of charge) on free and easy urlar is and!!

That's one rocking translator tool. Now I'll do all my posts in Swedish and run them through that amazing tranz-a-lizer! (FYI, I'll never see that Robinson movie and once I met this famous guy.)


Ryan said...

I don't know these people.....that Chana girl is really sister met rutger hauer once and once i saw Forest whitaker on the street i didnt say hi though

Uncle Sammy said...

I met Mick Ronson once. He died a year later. Bad things happens to people who drink beer with me.

spidercrazy said...

I once shook hands with Ulf Elfving. He is a famous swedish radio/TV personality of some sort.