Monday, September 05, 2005

Suck My Links

Listen, kids, I'm just gonna throw out some links and you're gonna eat them up. Deal?

Swimming Sperm (movie clip)

Fahrenheit 9-11 for free (the entire movie)

German Postcard of Batman and His Little Bat-Buddy (sexy picture)

Abandonia: Abandonware DOS games (for the nerd in you. Found by Sammy)

Buffy's swearing keyboard (courtesy of the Mook, I think?)

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife (ditto)

Biblical principles in managing God's money (for the Jebus in you)

Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia (see for instance the War on Terra)

Dubya Bin Laden (because someone complained there's not enough politics on Superblog!! nowadays)

A funny joke (via the TCJ board)

Really boring movie reviews from Statler and Waldorf (I mean it, this link sucks!)

The Other Turing Test (learn something you didn't know)

Now, what do all these links have in common?


zenmonki said...

Hmmm, they were all found by giving a drunken monkey access to an internet search engine?

Or, the first letters of each link spell the word SFGABTBUDART, which means something really spifferiffic in Swedish?

Or they have nothing in common and this was simply an evil ploy to see how many stupid readers would actually try and find something? (I really hope it wasn't this one.)

Dubya said...

Not that is progress is it not? I would prefer Wendy's over MCDonalds. Just think those people would always have a warm meal and a source of employment so they can stop sending the kids to blow up buses full of innocents.

Sara said...

I was going to say something really snarky, but I don't want to be the asshole who makes a joke right after Dubya's comment.

The Stalker said...

I am impressed Fraggle, even the commander-in-chief of the free world visits you blog!

Koala Mentala said...

Come on people, don't be so gullible! That's not the real Dubya, it's one of his notorious Internet doppelgangers (employed by the Secret Service).

What's the connection between the links? Hmm...

The Stalker said...

Are you sure it is not the real Dubya?

Koala Mentala said...

Yes, because the real George W Cokehead can't read or write.

The Stalker said...

thats true, but hey only Americans can make fun of our idiot leader not Swedes!

Sara said...

I don't care who the hell this kid thinks he is. Leader or not, he fucked up my mojo and should be thrown out a window.

Oh, and the link have the following in comnon:
-Koala is the greatest
-Everyone should drink more and
-Sex with a hot anonymous partner(s) is the way to go

Matthew said...

Man, that sperm video was really funny.

Koala Mentala said...

Scott, you mean like only Iraqis are allowed to make fun of Saddam Hussein?

Sara, everything you said is true. You win as always.

The Stalker said...

Good point koala, Sara you are right.