Monday, September 19, 2005

Photo #51: The Flame in Flames

Good evening. This will be the final installment in my fire photographing trilogy. It all started back in May with this typical Swedish fire . The damn good sequel involving more action was published eight days later: hell on earth. The houses burning here is a place called Flamman which in English would be: the Flame. I think that's funny.

What is F.R the flame?In Linköping, that a number exists neighbourhoods that contain rooms that are intended for students. The biggest is Ryd, Lambohov, Irrblosset and of course the flame. Each such neighbourhood has a so called confidence councils whose information is to safeguard the domiciled comfort in the area. You that lives on the flame can easily to become member in Förtroenderådet the flame through solving a member card, the so called Flammankortet. Many of your has without doubt both got and moreover used this when you will down on the association's own pub and disco that lies in the cellar during input 22.

It's almost some sort of a fraternity house but there are no Greek letters on it... We don't have like fraternity houses in Sweden? Anyway, that was my trilogy. Thank you for paying attention.

PS. Nobody died, which is good since students are human beings. DS.


The Stalker said...

WOW, that was awesome so f'ing awesome I see why superblog has 47,238 hits. short by 2,762 but you keep this up and someday you may hit 50,000

Koala Mentala said...

Scott, are you, like, stupid?

The Stalker said...

Stupid is as stupid does, fraggle.I was quoting a previous post that I will share with you again from Which said...
" what a bunch of crap! The page counter
only shows 47,238 hits. Where's the other 2,762? Are you trying to rip us off!?”
He went on and said, “ OR, maybe the other 2,762 hits were stolen by one of
your evil - Yeah, that's probably it.” It was wrapped up with, “Congratulations guys. You're well on your way to ... (trying
to think of something encouraging to say)
... a lot more hits”

Koala Mentala said...

What the hell are you going on about, Scotty? Get a girlfriend!

And I'm not a fraggle. You are.

katiedid said...

I guess they were just asking for fate to step in with a name like that, weren't they?

I feel very bad for those students. Not only did their house burn down, but they were photographed with some really terrible looking "bed hair." And now they're on the internet for all the world to see their unfortunate hair.

The Stalker said...

you being mean now fraggle, can we all just get along?

Afe said...

Is that a picture of you + Koala wrapped up in a blanket together in the news story? I think so.

zenmonki said...

Check it out! I'm getting quoted now. Oh wait, I want a royalty for that!

Stop copying me without permission dammit or I'll have to sue you.

Copyright zenmonki 2005.
All rights reserved except in the case of Koala Mentala and Uncle Sammy who can do whatever the hell they want with my comments.

Koala Mentala said...

Katie, everything in Linköping burns eventually. Someone burned down the library a few years ago. I myself will try to burn down the local government on the fifth of November. Wish me luck.

Scotty, I'm not being mean. I'm trying to get you to shape up and fly straight.

Afe, you need new glasses.

Zenmonki, we want to take your comments out to dinner and show them a good time.