Friday, September 02, 2005

Koala Takes the Blogaround Challenge!

The Clandestine Critic points out that Superblog!!, nominally a comics blog (I know, I didn't believe it either!), has had very little to do with comics in quite a while. To correct this oversight, I'm following his example and taking the Blogaround Challenge (it's sort of like the Pepsi Challenge for nerds):

I'm throwing the gauntlet down. If you are a genuine comic book blogger, you ought to be able to spare one post for this challenge. [...] Go to the Comics Weblog Update-A-Tron 3000 and click through to at least ten comic book blogs. You can do more, but ten is the minimum. I would also stick with blogs that have been updated within the last couple of weeks, but that's not a hard and fast rule. As another loose rule, go for blogs you haven't visited before, if you can. The goal of this challenge is to meet new bloggers and see new stuff.

Got it. Here are Superblog!!'s ten picks:

1. Fanboy Rampage
Fuck, I fail immediately! Because it changes the title slightly every day, I accidentally picked a blog I visit all the time. It's a place to snark about comics.

2. Adlo! Novelti Librari
What the...? I don't get it. I'm sure it's fine, though.

3. Trash Heap
I like it because it led me to this exchange, which demonstrates that Rob Schneider is an idiot and Roger Ebert is kind of cool (in an uncool way).

4. DC Conspiracy
This blog angered me, because you know how I feel about squirrels!

5. Noticias Universeo Marvel
Again, not in English. My favorite part is this trading card. "Kang is not unique." Says it all. You're not so fucking special, Kang!

6. Innocent Bystander
I'm a busy man, so I didn't have time to read this blog. But I did check out the owner's Amazon wish list, and he seems like a decent guy. At least he doesn't wish for any Nazi paraphernalia.

7. Trusty Plinko Stick is doctorin' the TARDIS
This blog sounded promisingly weird, but sadly it seems that there was just a typo or something in the title. The owner asks to be sued, since it isn't September. But now it is!

8. PV Comics
Comical books in bloggy form. My favorite strip is about a Penis Cake (unless I misread it). The concept appeals to me.

9. TwentySevenLetters (A)
I think it's impressive that so many of these blogs have their own domain name. But this site's a bad example because it's much more than a blog. Anyway, why is Superblog!! still hosted on Blogspot? How weak!

10. comikado!
Awesome! We end the excursion with yet another foreign-language blog. I can read a little German, so I understand some of it, but not everything, If you want to brush up on your German, I heartily recommend this blog.

Wow, that was hard, but now it's over and I feel a better man for having taken the Blogaround Challenge! Are you impressed? If so, indicate this by offering yourself to me sexually. (Girls generally preferred.)


Sara said...

Very impressed, yo. Consider myself offered.

Moocko said...

I'm sexually offered.

Matthew said...

Poor Kang the conqueror. If travelling back in time to get your ass beat down by the Avengers isn't unique, then what is?

Koala Mentala said...

Matthew, are you offering yourself to me or do you wanna talk about Kang all day?

I'm disappointed with the turnout, but most people probably didn't even read it all way through.

Anyway, Sara's the only one who counts.

Mr Splendor said...

Well, as always I will utterly offer myself to himself Koala The Oh God of Bloggers.. and I can make the necessary surgical operation anytime ...

Sara said...

I win!

Moocko said...


Koala Mentala said...

No you don't.

Who are you, Mr Splendor? And why are you so splendorific?