Friday, September 23, 2005

Photo #56: Trainspotting #5

Begbie.... I like him. For your convenience that lank gives away the ending but what do I care?
Goodnight now.

Francis Begbie is an aggressive pit bull terrier, a monstrous, brawling hard man ready to explode at any moment, at anyone, for any reason.
The slight-framed Robert Carlyle seemed an odd choice as this violent sociopath but his mini-psycho, brimming with bravado, makes the character all the more frightening. Begbie isn't afraid to test his fighting prowess against the largest of opponents. "Begbie didn't do drugs, he did people," says Renton.


Mr Splendor said...
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Mr Splendor said...

rklkdoq!! Oh Koala, what has become of you? Or is it Sammy in disguise?

After this poor blogentry, we need some good ol' swedish pride tits:

Uncle Sammy said...

It wasn't one poor blogentry, it was FIVE poor blogentries! Evereybody should go back to school except me.