Monday, March 31, 2008

Moko the Movie

What! A biopic about Mark David Chapman, SUPERBLOG!!'s number five fan?! Unmissable. Sadly, Chapter 27 has been trashed by critics and I have to agree it's pretty bad. Even though it's only 80 minutes long, it seems to go on forever. Imagine! One amusing detail in all the misery though:

Jared Leto gained 62 pounds to play the overweight Chapman by drinking microwaved pints of ice cream mixed with soy sauce and olive oil every night to bloat himself further. At times he had to use a wheelchair due to the stress the sudden increase in weight put on his body. In addition, as a result of the weight gain and loss, Leto has now developed gout in his left foot.

Gout! I'm a busy man so there's no way I have time to write a full review but I recommend the A.V. Club's review (Rating: F) which is a little on the harsh side but basically correct. Be sure to glance over the Comments, because they touch on a variety of subjects. Such as...

Lindsay Lohan's firecrotch:

I wouldn't mind putting it out with... sperm.

Mohandas Gandhi:

he'd take a virgin into his hut and not sleep with her.
he did that a lot. I forget why.
also he could weave on a loom

Potential quotes for the poster:

"Leto floats in...Lohan's...dreary, sordid, worthless..human skull."

If that isn't humor I don't know what is. SUPERBLOG!!'s rating: 1 proud keaton.

P.S. Gout!! D.S.

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Moocko said...

Bad? The poster's so nice!

I wonder how Leto feels about those 62 pounds after the critics' reaction.