Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Everybody Loves Carla Gugino

Speaking of Sin City and Motorcycle Gang* star Carla Gugino, I was going to link to this a month ago but never did: Carla Gugino Gets Sexy For Silk Spectre In ‘Watchmen’:

It might just be 2009’s most anticipated movie, and if “Watchmen” is half as good as it’s classic source material, it could become the best superhero movie of all time

Maybe, but the odds on it being half as good as the graphic novel is about 650 billion to one. And I'm a well-known optimist. Although even if it's a crappy movie artistically, part of me hopes it is a huge commercial success so we get a spin-off starring the Watchmen Babies:

*Why on Earth have I not seen this movie? It has strong performances from a talented cast:

P.S. This was originally part of yesterday's blog entry so shut up, Matthew. SUPERBLOG!!: NEVER! TIMELY!


Moocko said...

Imagined tagline for Motorcycle Gang: "From the writer of Apocalypse Now comes... a new kind of apocalypse!"

Matthew said...

Jake Busey? *The* Jake Busey? Out of sight!

(Also, Carla Cugino makes all the hurt go away.)

Mookster said...

She's a friggin' whore, for Pete's sake!