Friday, March 21, 2008

Are You Hung Like Saddam?

Because if you are, you really need to tell people about it. Perhaps by wearing an "I'm hung like Saddam" t-shirt. Or would that be in poor taste?

You know, to my mind, it would have been disturbing (jingoistic?) to wear something like that right after the execution, but now, a year and several months later, enough time has passed that the idea strikes me as... post-post-ironic (not to be confused with post-ironic). Maybe even deconstructionist?

Or am I just trying to justify my own juvenile sense of humor? Whatever, I'd never buy that t-shirt. But I would like a SUPERBLOG!! reader to buy one, wear it in a social setting, and then write in to tell me how it made you feel. Okay? Go do it.

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