Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Everybody Loves Al

The good thing about Uncle Sammy quitting blogging (he hasn't made an official announcement or anything, but when was the last time he blogged? 2006?) is that now I'm free to turn SUPERBLOG!! into the Lovefest for Al it was always supposed to be.

Yes, Awesome Al Gore kind of looks like a big fat toad in the picture above. But a big fat wonderful toad. And remember, he would have been Big Fat President of the United States of Merrka right now if he hadn't fucked it all up.

Incidentally, who will win in November? Will it be Brilliant Barack Obama or Hillary "Flick the" Clinton? Or one of the Great Old Ones? I know who I'm voting for.


Afe said...

My theory holds that Uncle Sammy IS Barack Obama, and that's why he's been too busy to blog recently. Either that or he is Hillary Clinton.

In my estimation, Americans vote for the most annoying candidate, therefore I predict that Hillary will win.

Uncle Sammy said...

Toad boy! Tomorrow is SBBD !!

Koala Mentala said...


Unc hasn't been too busy, he's just a weak weakling.