Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Bad Waffles

Today is Big Waffle Day here in Sweden (there's a Small Waffle Day in November, I think*). Since probably hundreds of years ago, we celebrate Waffle Day by eating waffles. Why? Well, Swedish Wikipedia says that it's based on a misunderstanding.

Internationally, March 25 is "Lady Day", commemorating the day Virgin Mary got knocked up by "God". However, the Swedish "vårfrudagen" (the Day of Our Lady) was somehow garbled into "våffeldagen" (the Day of Waffles). I am totally not making this shit up.

Whatever the case may be, I dedicate this SUPERBLOG!! post to war hero John Kerry, who might have been President today if he hadn't been such a waffly waffler. Also, if he'd never set foot on a fucking swift boat.

[*A lie. The rest of the post is true. Or, well, at least it's based on information taken from Wikipedia. And if it's on Wikipedia, it must be true.]

Waffle Image © Huddle House, Kerry image © someone at Pants of Time (?). Used for journalistic purposes.

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